Happy Nappers #Giveaway

Happy Nappers (aka “The Perfect Play Pillow”) are stuffed animal friends with a twist.  They can turn inside out (with a quick unzip and pull) and change into something different.   A purple palace that has a wprking doorbell- and when you unlock the “gate”, it turns into a soft, fuzzy unicorn!  There are several varieties of the Happy Nappers, each with it’s own individual style and design.  They are cute, they are fun, and oh, so soft.  They are great for playtime, but also great for snuggling up to read a book or do a puzzle, or even watch a movie.  There are 6 varieties, including a Penguin that turns into an Igloo, and at $19.99, an affordable gift idea.  Plus, a portion of the proceeds is donated to The Home Sweet Home Fund which benefits the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

I think the Happy Nappers are a sweet, fun idea.  I am a fan of multi-purpose/multi-use toys and this defintely fits the bill.  My son suggested they make a shark that turns into a man.  I’m not sure how that would go over with most people, but it sure would be a funny Happy Napper!!

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Bearpaw Boots in Bristol

Bearpaw sent me their Bristol boots to try.  I ordered a size larger than I wear because that is apparently what my feet are determined to be, post 3 pregnancies.  These are beautiful boots.  They are gorgeous, fun, funky, warm, stylish. I love them.    I think they are fabulous.  I love boots, and I wear them all the time.  I don’t have any grey ones- and I’m a little bored with my tan colored plain boots. I love that these have so much character with the lacing on the sides and the pattern on the suede!

Bearpaw is a brand I’m definitely going to look to again- I love their wide range of colors, textures, designs and even prints, and I like that they are a bit more affordable than other brands who make similar products.  I have heard such great things about Bearpaw from anyone who’s worn them-including my 6 year old who is wearing HER Bearpaw boots I found on Amazon for the third winter!!  Because of this, I’m going to try another style of Bearpaws, when I find a good deal on them, perhaps some of the adorable moccasins…


Modern floral embossed cow suede, side decorative detail with dye to match ribbon lace, sheepskin and wool blend lining, sheepskin footbed, metal heel logo.
More Info…
Modern floral embossed cow suede
Side decorative detail with dye to match ribbon lace
Sheepskin and wool blend lining
Sheepskin footbed
Metal heel logo

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Wittlebee Kid Clothes Delivery Service (50% off your first order!)

Have you heard of Wittlebee? It’s a monthly kids clothes delivery service.  Delivery service as in, you can select from 3 options of how many articles of your child’s clothing size you’d like sent to you, and they come to your door.  You choose boy or girl, and the age (from 0-3 months to age 3-4 years), and you choose from the three options (5 pieces, 10 pieces or 12 pieces).  If you aren’t sure what you will think- stay tuned, because they gave me a 50% off code to use on your first order just for my (awesome) readers.   [click to continue…]

Crayola Glow Book #Giveaway

With all of the different ways kids can create things these days, it isn’t surprising that a lifelong favorite brand of mine has added a little bit of technology to their creative line of products- I’m talking about Crayola, and their Glow Book.  This book is REALLY cool and allows kids to create so many things- including in layers- so that they can create their own animation, right at home!!  How cool is that?  I love gifts that inspire creativity and this is definitely on the short list for when I have an art lover to shop for.    There are extra tracing sheets available right on the Crayola site if your child wants some practice before starting on their own, original designs.

Layers of Glowing Fun!

Create glowing, moving, animated art! Design your own cartoons, multi-message signs and sequential drawings—the possibilities are endless! Glow markers wipe clean with a damp cloth. Create new images as often as you like! [click to continue…]

Playmobil Top Agents Review and #PrizePack #Giveaway

Do you have a little super spy in your life? If so, I know the PERFECT holiday gift. Playmobil offers their Top Agents set which includes a spy vehicle that can work with a Wireless Spy Camera and Remote. All of these items are sold seperately. I love that they can be played with individually, or added on to your set to enhance the fun later. I know this gift will absolutely thrill any little guy (or girl) on Christmas morning. I had a chance to try out the Wireless Spy Cam, Remote and Robo Gang Truck. We were able to get playing right away with the helpful tutorials online. Playmobil offers a great site that describes step by step how to get your camera working on your PC, how to record a movie with You Tube and save movies on your computer. Once the car was assembled, set up was really a snap and we were able to get started right away. My son and my husband had so much fun “spying” on the rest of the family using their new toy. I found the video quality to be surprisingly good and the remote control feature was so much fun. The remote control had a long range, so they were able to easily navigate the truck all around the house without losing the signal. I anticipate that this will be one toy that will be around for a long time. With the help of their dad, even the little ones were able to get in on the action.

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Head Chefs Cooking Adventures Cookbooks #Giveaway #PrizePack

I have some mad love for Head Chefs.  Kid-sized, kid-friendly cooking utensils that are also functional.  We have tried a few other brands that are kid-friendly and while they are most definitely kid-sized, they don’t perform well.  This is super frustrating.  So we keep going back to Head Chefs (over the summer we shared about them), who recently expanded their product line to include a line of Cooking Adventures Cookbooks- The Peace of Pizza, Mac and Cheese Fit for a King, and Santa’s Favorite Cookie.  My children LOVE to help in the kitchen, whenever possible, and I really enjoy having their help- but I also want my kids safe in the kitchen- so I like having kid-sized tools around to facilitate some culinary success.

Each of the Cooking Adventures Cookbooks tells a story including the Head Chefs “characters” and includes adventure, stories, and some fun and delicious recipes!  Having some of the Head Chefs utensils to go along with these just makes for lots more fun.  Plus, when else is it perfectly acceptable to grab a tushy whenever you want?  Remember, all of the Head Chef’s utensils have a little tushy on the handle!!  These products are just so well made and the cookbooks are no exception- nicely bound, durable pages, large enough size for easy viewing.   [click to continue…]

Slow Cooker Showcase: Orange Cranberry Chicken (please note: bacon. in the recipe.)

Each Thursday during the Fall and Winter The Centsible Family will showcase a slow cooker (crock-pot) recipe that one of the Mavens of Money have tried and tasted. By sharing we hope you will be able to save a little time during the week as we all know saving time is just as valuable as saving money. And you will be able to enjoy a hot meal at the end of your day.

This week’s recipe is Orange Cranberry Chicken by Jenny at The Healthified Mom and Freebie Spot that is sure to warm you on a chilly night! Prep time should be about 10 minutes and will cook for four hours and yield about 6 servings. If you have a big crock pot (about 6qt) you can double the batch and when finished put half in gallon size bag for the freezer!

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Miche Bag Review #Giveaway

If you are anything like me  you LOVE a great new handbag.  However, after a season (or less) you get tired of the same bag day after day and are looking for a change.  It’s expensive to purchase several new handbags every year and not always feasible.  When I discovered that I could get several different handbag looks without all the cost I was definitely interested.  Miche offers a great line of handbags that consist of an inner base bag and an outer shell.  The outer shell is interchangeable.  So you can easily change the entire look of your bag on a whim, without buying an entirely new bag.

The bags come in 4 different styles.  The Classic, Prima, Petite Base and Demi.  These base bag options differ in shape and size.

Once you have chosen your base the fun begins!  Each base bag comes with a large selection of shells.  Simply pick out the ones you like and they quickly fit over your base for an instant change.  No changing the contents of your bag or complicated zipping.  There is a magnetized flap at the top of the shell that just flips over the edge of your base to hold it in place.  I love that I can even change my purse from day to day to match my outfit or my mood. [click to continue…]

Family Dollar saves you many dollars on many brands!

I went to our local Family Dollar for the first time this past week.  It won’t be my last visit.  I had a few things I still needed to get for stocking stuffers, plus I wanted to get some other miscellaneous items and pinata fillers for a holiday party we’ll be attending tonight.  With my list in hand and my 2 year old in tow, off we went.  Knowing full well the store would be full of Christmas items and toys to push the holiday season, I was very surprised at how many name brand toys and products there were.  I think I’d assumed that because they were a “dollar” store, there would be off brand items- but now I realize that it’s more of a helping a Family stretch every Dollar type of thing.

It wasn’t just toys that were around- paper goods, household and laundry items, foods, health and beauty aids were available as well.  You can use manufacturer coupons at Family Dollar, and there are printable coupons on their website, combining those can make for some huge savings!  Cellular phone users can text VALUE to 28767 and save even more! [click to continue…]

Photo Ornaments from PhotoJewelryMaking.com

I had some fun with a few wedding photographs from my nephew’s wedding this fall this week.   The folks at PhotoJewelryMaking.com sent me a cd-rom and supplies to make some Beaded Photo Christmas Ornaments – such a fun activity, easy to do and I can see me using this software to resize a lot of images for crafts and projects we do- not just for ornaments!  One thing I REALLY like is that they suggest you just use regular paper for printing- no need for expensive photo paper, because the thinner paper fits into the openings better.

Making your ornament is pretty simple (I had a few freeze-ups with either the program or my laptop or both, but with that exception, this was smooth sailing).   [click to continue…]