Katie’s Charms Pandora Style Mother’s Bracelet (Giveaway)

Jennifer from Katie’s Charms sent me this gorgeous Mother’s Bracelet. I think I’m becoming semi-obsessed with mother’s jewelry.

Katie’s Charms makes beautiful Pandora-style beads, charms and starter pieces.  There is a huge variety on the site, the images are large enough that you can see what you are looking at, and really see the details of  a bead you are considering adding to your collection (or someone else’s).  Not sure what to get?  There are starter braceletes, necklaces, and even premade sets all on the site to help you get started.  There are lots of different styles of bracelets and necklaces to put your beads onto, so you’re quite likely to find pieces to suit just about anyone’s tastes.

I like that there are premade bracelets on this site- I think it makes gift giving a lot easier for many, and while adding a single bead on different occasions is definitely something I love and adore (and have a bracelet for) I also  love the ready-to-go idea.  The Nature Girl bracelet is amazing as well- that was my second choice!!    [click to continue…]

Talking Hot Dots® Pen & Vocabulary Flash Cards (Giveaway)

Talking Hot Dots® Pen is made for ages 5-12 and gives them feedback in a fun way- at their pace.  Its a neat way to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom at home or in the classroom! 
  • Allows students to choose talking feedback, fun sound effects or both, and cheers for students when they answer correctly
  • Provides immediate visual feedback with red and green lights for incorrect and correct answers
  • Features child-friendly design that makes the pen easy for young hands to use
  • Works with Hot Dots® Activity Cards for phonics, reading comprehension, math operations, fractions, time and money—perfect for center activities
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included
  • Grades K+ [click to continue…]

Alphabet Scoop- Hasbro’s New Scrabble Game (Giveaway)

Alphabet Scoop is a new game from Hasbro in the Scrabble family (my favorite games are word games- I LOVE Scrabble!!) The box says this is for ages 6+ and while that is probably true, my 6 year old has taught my days-away-from-4 year old to play, which makes it a lot of fun for everyone.  This is a great addition to your Family Game Night collection! There are 5 words to complete on each card- so if littler kids are playing with adults, we adults find the 5 letter words, the kids find the shorter words. Be careful not to scoop a fly in your soup or ALL of your tiles go back into the soup bowl!   Be warned, too, that once you DO get a fly, it seems like you will get them more and more frequently.  Or I do.  We’ve been playing this game a lot while my youngest finishes her naps the past week or so.

Scoop, match, slam and score! Stir up your pot of letters and then take a card. Choose a word and start scooping tiles. If you’re the first to match your letters, slam on the pot’s lid to score. Mix up a fantastic batch of ALPHABET SCOOP fun!

Includes plastic pot and lid, 4 plastic scoops, 72 word cards, 104 letter tiles and rules.

For 2 to 4 players.  Ages 6 and up. [click to continue…]

New AZO PMS Relief & Enter to win!

AZO wants us to share our PreMenstrual Sagas – for a chance to win a $500 SpaFinder gift card!  Someone wants to reward us for sharing “battle” stories?  Sign me UP!
Fans can share their stories of a time when PMS messed with their lives, and in return, we’ll give them a $2 coupon for AZO PMS. Best of all, four finalists will receive $100 SpaFinder gift cards and the grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift card, accepted at over 6,000 spas and wellness locations worldwide!

Check out the new AZO PMS, which is the only brand that helps reduce both the physical and emotional symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome, and provides relief in a fast and natural way.  I’m actually (oddly) looking forward to trying this- mostly because its made by AZO, a brand I trust, and also because I’m always glad to find herbal and natural remedies for ailments.  [click to continue…]

Hoodwinked Too now on DVD & Prize Pack Giveaway (3 winners)

HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL is based on the beloved classic children’s fairy tale Red Riding Hood.  This brand-new adventure features an all-star cast including Hayden Panettiere, Glenn Close, Joan Cusack, Amy Poehler, Martin Short, Heidi Klum, Wayne Newton, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong!  

Now available is Anchor Bay Entertainment & The Weinstein Company’s release HOODWINKED TOO! Hood vs. Evil on Blu-ray 3D*, Blu-ray 2D, DVD & Digital Movie Download.  Bonus material includes a behind-the-scenes look at this amazing cast, storyboard sequences, and more!
I haven’t seen this yet- simply haven’t had the time, but with the hurricane impending this weekend, I’m sure we’ll be watching many movies the next few days- this movie is top on my list- I have heard that it is hilarious – and since we loved the first, I’m sure we’ll love this one!! [click to continue…]

My Friendship Bracelet Maker on QVC 8/25 (Giveaway)

This is one of the most nostalgic reviews I’ve done on this blog.  No joke.  I can’t tell you how many friendship bracelets I made, received, traded, swapped, who knows what else over the years.  Perhaps it was growing up in the 80s, or going to summer camp, but man, those bracelets were awesome.  I had friends who could make 10 strand bracelets- not me, I was far better at the small ones, simple designs, but lots of friends had some mad skills and could do bracelets with amazing designs!  The folks at My Friendship Bracelet Maker sent us one of their makers and oh, what fun I’ve had showing my 6 year old how to make bracelets!!   Of course, we used to use a clipboard and “wing it” but this does make it easier, especially for littler ones. 

It isn’t just about the making of the bracelets that I love.  Its also the meaning of them- as the site says, “according to indigenous American tradition, the person you give a friendship bracelet you made for them must wear it until the threads wear out and fall off naturally. Whether you follow this tradition or create your own, what’s important is that you enjoy the craft, have fun and make the choice to share friendship each and every day.” [click to continue…]

Listerine Smart Rinse for Kids

As a Mom I always want to be sure my son goes to bed with clean teeth.  Sometimes the brushing gets rushed due to a cranky child or a cranky parent.  This product has made my son excited to brush every night so he can follow with his Batman Smart Rinse.  When the bottle arrived he was so exited to see that it had Batman on the label.  We left for a family vacation the next day and the one item he kept making sure was packed was his Smart Rinse. [click to continue…]

Math Slam (game) from Educational Insights (giveaway)

Math Slam from Educational Insights is a handheld electronic math game that offers kids a way to practice math skills at their own pace, at their own time and in a really fun way. 

Read the question, scan the possible answers, and slam the one that’s correct! Better move quickly, though, each game of 10 questions is timed— the faster you get through the questions, the better your score! Incorrect responses are recycled until they are correctly answered. Three levels, flashing lights, and fun sound effects keep players interested. [click to continue…]

Organic Belle Baby Carrier (Giveaway)

The Organic Belle Baby Carrier is a well constructed, ergonomic, parent-friendly soft strucured carrier that can carry a baby from 5-35 pounds, front or back, rear facing or front facing.  Its also a beautiful carrier to just look at end enjoy- especially with the pretty fabrics they have chosen for the carriers themselves!

 (This is a guest review from my dear friend Kelly, who is awesome beyond awesome and more willing than I to be photographed in a baby carrier….here’s her thoughts)

I love this carrier!! I have used several with my children, and this one is the simplest to use without compromising comfort for baby or me. The first time I used it, it took me less than 1 minute to put it on and strap my baby in without any help from others. It took her less than 5 minutes to fall asleep while facing inward. [click to continue…]

Duckle Dance Sweepstakes by Capezio & Wisharoo Park ($100 ARV Giveaway)


Hey Moms, Dads, Gramas, Grampas, Aunts, Uncles, babysitters- Let’s get moving!!!  Get your kids boogie down and dancing to the Duckle Dance beat and enter them in the Duckle Dance Sweepstakes Presented by Capezio and Wisharoo Park.

To enter-  simply video your preschool kids doing the Duckle Dance and then enter those videos via downloads to their facebook or YouTube accounts for a chance to win one of twenty Capezio and Wisharoo Prize packages or one of five $500 Dance Scholarships!

To kick-off the promotion, Wisharoo Park and Capezio premiered its inaugural Duckle Dance promotional video, featuring favorite Wisharoo Park characters Ranger Rosey and DanDan and Della Duckle dancing along with real life kids, at the newly launched multimedia Wisharoopark.com. [click to continue…]