Boumy Soft Leather Shoes for your littlest ones

Boumy Shoes, made in Hollandsent Baby B a pair of their Flower Power Pink shoes to try out.  I’m a huge fan of soft soled shoes at least until children turn 2 although honestly, my kids have worn them through the winter when 3 because they tuck nicely into my bag, keep the kids’ socks on and therefore, their feet warmer.  Being washable, soft soled shoes can also be cleaned regularly and disinfected after playing at a place like the mall playground…

These shoes are not only adorable, but they are well designed and very practical.  Ok the flowers on them may not be practical, but why does practical have to be boring?  The elastic around the ankle offers room for little ones to move in all different directions without having restricted movement, and the soft sole means they are not stuck with cumbersome rigid soles.  Feet are protected while having the space to move and grow- it’s been my experience in 6 years as a mom that these shoes last a lot longer than single-sized shoes because they fit a range not a specific size.  It doesn’t matter if the Boumy shoes run a bit big on your little one- and they will get lots and lots of use out of them before they move to a new size.  [click to continue…]

Kelly Cardona Photography Review and Discount!




My most precious belongings are photos of my children and family.  I just love how a great picture can capture a moment that you remember forever.  Finding a photographer that fits your style and needs can sometimes be much more difficult than you might think.  I have tried the photography services offered at department stores, but I always left with photos that I wasn’t happy with and never used.  Then I upgraded to a photography studio in a strip mall, which left me with pictures that felt “generic” and didn’t capture the true spirit of my children.  Not to mention that these sessions were super expensive. [click to continue…]

Andi’s Pony Trouble: Circle C Beginnings (Chapter Books ages 6-8)

Andi’s Pony Trouble is the first of 4 books we received from Susan Marlow’s Circle C Beginnings series.  The series is appropriate for ages 6-8 although my 5 year old has been fine reading them- and enjoying them immensely.  This book introduces us to Andi, a little girl who lives in the 1800’s, out in the Wild West- she is “stuck” riding Coco, a pokey old pony, while she’s dreaming and hoping beyond hope to have a horse of her very own.    To her disappointment, no one in her family thinks she is old enough to care for a horse of her own.

Each chapter is a few pages long, and there are beautiful pencil illustrations throughout the book.  There ‘s a “new words” list at the front of the book so kids can see what new words might mean they haven’t come across before.

Kids can easily relate to Andi, being teased by her older brothers and sister, while waiting for her 6th birthday to arrive…having to do chores, forgetting to do chores…they can very easily imagine themselves getting into the mishaps and adventures Andi does. [click to continue…]

Original Sprout Baby Hair & Skin Care ($50 Gift Card Giveaway)

With summer and nice weather comes dirty kids.  Its inevitable- they play outside, they get messy.  I like bathing my kids and using products on their hair and skin that are safe for them and without harmful ingredients, whenever possible.  Original Sprout is a family-owned company that offers products that are gentle to the kids’ hair and skin and (not surprisingly) created by a mom.

First off, the packaging is great.  Simplistic and clean, just like the product- although don’t let the look deceive you because these products perform very very well.  I actually used the detangler on my own hair a few times after the kids played “do mommys hair” and I was very happy with how it worked even on my thick hair!!

Next- the ingredients- or rather, the lack of…you won’t find formaldehyde in Original Sprout products.  Nor will you find lye.

I love this brand. I love that its a mom- started product line, and that they are so cautious with their ingredients, but also equally as conscious of the performance of the product.  Definitely a hit in mybook.  Or tub, as the case may be. [click to continue…]

Wii Play: Motion

We Wii a lot when the weather is crummy.   The past few weeks we have had several rainy and stormy days so we have played the Wii a bit!! Its a fun way for us to have together time, and its a good stress relief for me.  Plus, it gets ALL of us up and moving when we Wii which is never a bad thing, movement is better than being sedentary!!

Wii Play: Motion comes with 12 built-in games and a motion controller. While only 4 of these games allow more than 2 players to oppose one another, there are still tons of fun games that are suitable for the 10+ crowd (so in our house, this means we just need 2 motion-contrllers for now).  I want to note now that the Wii Play: Motion comes with one controller, you will need to purchase an additional controller for each person you expect may play, so up to four. It brings a new feel to playing with your Wii and adds a new dimension of fun.

[click to continue…]

Outdoor Entertaining for under $20 at BJs

BJs carries several items that help to make your summertime entertaining easier, and even more fun, all for under $20.  Just before 4th of July, I was there with my oldest doing some errands, and we stumbled upon the entertaining section.  They have some really great, affordable options!


All three of our kids have birthdays right in a row- July 19, August  7 and September 5.  We have had a combined family party for them the past few years which has worked out well- although with a family the size of mine, this can get spendy very fast.  We can afford to do this the way we do by shopping at BJ’s – with their store coupons and manufacturer coupons on top of already fair pricing, we can save big and entertain big!

Some of the things we spotted at our local BJ’s to make our outdoor entertaining easier: [click to continue…]

Q&A with “Lightning McQueen” & Mattel’s Cars 2 toys (Tokyo Spinout giveaway)

After 37 years on this earth, I am someone’s hero.  Why?  Because I met LIGHTNING MCQUEEN.  Well, really, I met Owen Wilson, when I had the chance to interview him during the Cars 2 press junket on June 18th with the other mom bloggers I headed to LA with.   But he IS Lightning McQueen. 

I asked my son, what did he want to know about Lightning McQueen?  “Um, does he like wearing red car clothes all day?”  That’s what’s weighing on the mind of my 3.5 year old son.   One of the other mom bloggers’ kids wanted to know the grossest thing Lightning McQueen had ever eaten- turns out, it was some food he was served in Australia on a morning show and it sounds like it was pretty much yeast and water.  Gross.  I don’t blame him!! [click to continue…]

Schwan’s to the rescue!

Schwan’s is a brand that I’ve known of for a very long time but hadn’t had the opportunity to try except a few times.  Having been on Nutrisystem for several months, I’ve had Schwann’s at my house to deliver my frozen foods (they are partnered) but it wasn’t until very recently that we actually got to try a full meal from Schwann’s.

I understand the hype. I understand the love.

Delicious food, super simple to prepare, and TIME SAVING!!  We hadn’t had much in the way of plans today- church, and then picking up groceries- but due to a “thingy” exploding in the Camry and having an extra child here this afternoon for a few hours, and then trying to rent a steam cleaner to get our rugs cleaned and the smell from the explosion in the Camry to dissipate- the quiet Sunday turned into a lot going on with not much at all being accomplished- and before we knew it, the clock said 5:45.  We usually eat by 5:30.  This wasn’t good.  [click to continue…]

Slick Sand from change the way you play with sand! sent us some of their Slick Sand. Instant hit to say the least. We are always looking for new things to put into our “water table” which really functions more as a sensory table- we’ve done all kinds of different activities in it- right now, its up on our screen porch filled with mini diggers, shovels, sand rakes and sifters, and Slick Sand.

What’s so cool about Slick Sand? Well, it doesn’t get wet. When you pour water with it, the water sits atop the sand, and doesn’t soak it. So when you want to make a ‘river’ and you pour water into a ‘road’ of sand…the water sits atop. Its really cool and just a whole new spin on sand play. I like it too because you can sweep it up, pop it into its bucket, and save it for another day when you decide to change things up. [click to continue…]

Nintendo 3DS- *not* This Mama’s ancient GameBoy!!


Nintendo 3DS is a very, very different hand held game than the GameBoy Advance I had about 100 years ago.  I’ve heard of the DS line, and obviously knew that technology had advanced, but when we turned this machine on I was blown away.  The COLOR GameBoy had just come out when I had one.  Yes, the color.  I am, apparently, getting old.

This handheld device is far more than a gaming device with amazing graphics and sound.  There’s a little switch you can turn on (or off) for 3D viewing.  No glasses needed. That alone blew me away (The kids think its neat too). [click to continue…]