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I recently went to Walmart with my girls to get some items to help support the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.  I went to a Walmart a bit further than my house than the normal one we go to because I figured they’d have a better selection of the products we were searching for.  They did have a big selection of ConAgra product to choose from with the specially marked packaging for the Child Hunger Ends Here (you can find it easily- the button image above mirrors what is on packaging).  Entering the code is really, really easy- its easy to FIND where to do it on the site and also very simple to enter the code.  This is a key piece to what I think will be the success of this campaign because unlike other promos from companies with specially marked packages, you don’t have to poke around trying to figure out where to enter the very complicated code with letters, numbers and dashes.  If you click on my “This Moment” story below, you can follow my shop experience with the kids all the way up through entering the codes and even getting COUPONS at the  end!

How this campaign works is very simple.  Buy a participating ConAgra food item with specially marked packaging (look for the bright red pushpin with the slogan on it!) and be sure to keep the code that is included either on the packaging itself or on a sticker/label that can be pulled off.  Go to the site and enter your code- this will literally take you about 15 seconds to do!  By entering your code you will be providing 1 full meal to a child.  1 code=1 meal. 

Something important to note: simply BUYING the product will not make the donation.  You do need to actually sit down at your computer and ENTER the code on the packaging.  I promise you it is quick and painless and won’t take much of your time, and you’ll quite likely make a difference in a child’s life. 

The neat thing is, when you do enter your code, you are directed to select a coupon for a ConAgra product for savings- which means the next time you make another ConAgra purchase, you are able to give another meal- at an even lower cost to you!  I think this gives a lot of people like us, who maybe don’t have a lot of extra cash to donate monies to help those in greater need than ourselves, to be able to give back and pay it forward in a way affordable to most.  Simply by participating in this campaign, I was able to donate 8 meals – and print 8 coupons to save money on products that I can donate or consume here at the house, and donate even more meals.  Its a pretty great cycle, if you ask me.

If you would like to get involved in this campaign, please visit the Child Hunger Ends Here site.  For a list of ConAgra  products included in the campaign, click the links below:

Peter Pan Peanut Butter (I wish the larger sizes of this had the campaign labels on them)

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  • OH I would love if it was on the bigger peanut butter jars as well. But what a great way to give back.

  • This is such a great campaign and it is laid out in such plain language here so no chance to misunderstand. Remember… making the effort to buy the product is just the beginning. So important to remember to go to the site and put in the code. Thanks for such an awesome post!

  • Thanks for sharing, this is great!

  • This is great. Thank you for the heads up and the great info. I am going to the store tomorrow and am going to get some things to help out.

  • This is a great program! Thanks for sharing!

  • I agree – it is a great cycle! Coupon, donation, coupon, donation. Beautiful.


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