Christmas freebies and services

North Pole Letter (free + stamps) The USPS in Anchorage, Alaska is offering a North Pole postmark on letters they receive.

Simply create a From Santa letter or card for your child and prepare an envelope with their name, address and a stamp. Then place that letter into a bigger envelope and mail to: North Pole Holiday Cancellation Postmaster 4141 Postmark Dr. Anchorage, AK 99530-9998 The USPS is ensuring all deliveries by Christmas if received by Dec. 10. Since the service is provided at no cost they can not guarantee a Christmas delivery after that date.

Portable North Pole (free) Create a personalized video for your child directly from Santa’s workshop at the North Pole! You can create a video in four easy steps starting with picking whether the child (or adult) was naughty or nice. Then you answer a few questions about your child to help personalize the message including first name, state (so when they show Santa flying over your state), what he or she did good/bad this year and what they may like for Christmas. Then the video is sent to your email address and you can open it at any time for your child. I’ve done this the last two Christmases and will do it again this year.

Text From Santa (cost) Sign up for a single text message or multiple text messages that you create or pick from a list of available messages. Starts at $3.99 and available at

Text From Santa (free) Or agree with a friend that you each will set up a contact on each of your phones with the name Santa. Then add their number to Santa’s contact number and you each agree to text the other’s kids every so often…especially if they eed a little reminder that Santa IS watching!

Know of any more services like this? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • The idea of a text from Santa is adorable. My kids would be so excited. I am definitely going to do that this year. Who knows- maybe it would help get them to bed earlier on Xmas Eve.

  • Thanks for the info, always on the lookout for those freebees.


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