Crazy Ways to Save Some Money

cashCrazy ways to save some money

Who wouldn’t want to save some money these days? Outside of eating at your parent’s house every day, you must be somewhat creative when you are trying to reduce your liabilities and expenses. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can make this happen. A few suggestions are below.

One. Use the online comparison web sites.

Without the Internet, much of the information that you need in order to save money would be in the hands of insiders. However, now that you can find the best deal online for whatever product you need (like life cover), use the information! Many businesses are trying to drive their customer base online. To do this, they are offering their best deals there.

Two. Buy a coffee machine.

You can expand this tip to include soda and dinner. Yes, there are soda machines that you can buy at home so that you never have to buy those overpriced 12 ounces again.

Dinner is a no-brainer; you should know that you can save a great deal of money by eating in. However, coffee is another matter completely. By simply purchasing a $200 coffee machine for your house, you can save over $1000 a year over the $5 fast food convenience lattes that you waste money on every morning.

Three. Get a great sound system and hold potlucks.

If you are a party person, you can save a great deal of money without losing out on the lifestyle by becoming a host.

The host always gets the benefit of the doubt when it comes to paying the ongoing costs of partying. As long as the host is willing to shell out the money for the upfront costs, everyone else will spend money on the cost of maintaining your lifestyle.

You want a sound system and a big screen anyway, so go ahead and indulge the inclination. You can get your money back from the opportunity cost of bringing the party to you. Instead of spending money on $10 drinks at a club, call everyone over to listen to your booming system and watch videos on your 52 inch. Have them bring the alcohol.

Four. Get one of those gas credit cards.

Normally credit cards are the Antichrist when it comes to saving money, but gas is so high that the opportunity cost has actually made gas oriented credit cards a good investment. The secret is to pay back the bill on time every month.

Make sure that you do not incur any interest on your purchases by paying your bills automatically on your gas credit card. Set aside the money every month to be automatically deposited to pay off the credit card bill. This way there is no possible scenario in which you can carry a balance, and the discounts that you receive will serve as saved money.

Five. Use natural resources.

Barbeque instead of using the oven and the stove. Open the curtains and use sunlight instead of turning on the lights. You don’t live in that big of a house; if you just open the blinds, you might not have to turn on the lights until a full hour or two until after the sun goes down, truthfully.

Turn off the shower while you are using the soap. Only turn the water back on when it is time to rinse off.

All of these changes can save you between $500-1000 a year on utilities.

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  • Alot of great tips!!! I`m gonna have to put some of these into practice, thnx 4 sharing.

  • Thanks for the tips.. easy changes to put in place.

  • These are great tips. Thank you for sharing!

  • I have a Soda Stream that makes great soda and it costs me about $4 every other month. I don’t drink a great deal but this is very cheap and easy.


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