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I have had bedding for 2.5 years for our master bedroom that I’ve refused to put up until there’s fresh paint and redone floors (or carpet- that’s being installed between 3-5 today).  Well, last week Mr. B decided it was time to fix the plaster ceilings and walls.   I was sent to choose a paint color.  Not so easy. 

Off to Home Depot I went after dropping BusyB at camp.  I promptly looked at the wall of colors and got overwhelmed.  Sure, things look good in the store, but at home?  24/7?  Um….Thankfully, we were at the Glidden paint wall and were able to grab some giant (XL) color chips and 2 paint testers (hey, it isn’t easy to commit to paint).  See, I have the bedding and I can’t wait to use it.  But I want it to look nice, and warm, and welcoming.  We’ve had problems before with a color being one way and looking 1000% different on the walls (Benjamin Moore’s Pumpkin Spice, for example, on our old living room walls.  In magazine?  Stunning and warm. On our walls?  BRIGHT pumpkin color.  Seriously!!  Mr. B still teases me for choosing based on color name but I didn’t.  I chose based on the magazine photo, not the name.  

Anyway, thank goodness for affordable color testers and x-large paint chips.  They have saved the day once again.

Other things I saw on the Glidden wall of goodness: FTop 10 Color Palettes (assembled by color experts to let you express your personality) and XL Paint Chips (which have 2 coordinating colors on the back for decorating assistance- plus you can bring it home and put it on the wall and see how it will look on your walls in your house).   It kind of feels like you can’t really screw up with colors if you have so many helpful coordination suggestions, you know?  

More about the GliddenTM Ready-to-Go Paint Testers- which I love for so many reasons aside from making fun crafts for kids’ rooms…
1.  inexpensive and widely available at any Home Depot store
2.  brush is included in the lid (seriously? genius!).  spend a little before buying a whole gallon      (or 2) and finding out too late that you don’t like the color on your walls
3.  great for touchups and stains.  (think: sharpies, bic marks-a-lot perm. markers, etc)
4. easy to store
5. if you haven’t used Glidden paints before, it lets you see the quality of the paint (you’ll end up buying Glidden anyway I think, once you test it!)  

I have to tell you also, that my neighbors had a party for their kids’ birthdays.  No gifts were requested- but they are my kids’ close friends and we wanted to do something.  I decided crafty was maybe a good route.  They are smart like us and get testers also- she still had some left from each kid’s room– so we painted some wood letters for their rooms in the exact matchy paint.  Gotta love matchy…

Glidden Paint Room Painter is a really cool way to preview how your room will look, it really helps make choosing/seeing paint color easy!! What are you painting next? 
You can find  @Glidden_Paint on Twitter. (If you tweet to them, be sure to use hashtag #getcolor)  Watch @Glidden_Paint on Twitter for fun tweets.

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  • >We recently re-painted our bedroom–one wall is the color of iced mocha, the other 3, the color of butter pecan ice cream. Delicious!

  • >Queen B,Thanks for the great post. Redoing a master bedroom is a big undertaking – hope your new carpet looks nice!What Glidden paint color did you choose? Do you have pictures to share? Glad you found the Glidden paint testers and XL paint chips helpful in picking your paint color.Keep up the great posts and let us know @Glidden_Paint how we can help on your next painting project.Gina (and the Glidden Team)

  • >How funny about the bedding. I just repainted 2 parts of our bathroom yesterday and it reminded me to hire a painter next time! I did a great job but since weekends go by so quickly the last thing I want to be doing is painting!


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