>I got my hairs done up all purty!

>I’ve been in a funk for months.  No, longer.  Not all the time, but most of it.  Between the funk and being pregnant and nursing for much of the past 5 years, I’ve let my hair go.  Let it go and forgot to watch where it was going, is more like it.  However, I decided last week, that I am taking back my body.  Head to toe (well, except for the nursing parts…), 2010 will be the year that I become ME again, and not just a mommy.  Gone is the drab brown lifeless hair.  Here now is the shoulder length, blonde highlighted, layered and sassy new do. Oh, do I feel better.  I’d say it put a spring in my step but since my back is bothering me…there’s no spring.  Had I been able to have a spring, trust me, I think I might even have skipped out of the salon.

One of the best parts of my new do?  Its a new stylist at the salon my friend Ally recommended.  So it was 20% off my services today, and since I booked another appointment for 6 weeks from today, I get 20% off that visit too.  Its like, its like a coupon for a hair appointment that isn’t at costcutters or supercuts!! 

I’m feeling hopeful.  And positive.   Spend less, and DO more.  Of course, I’ve never had to pay for my hair before.  So its not technically spending less YET.  But still,  I got a discount.  Next step, when my back heals?  10,000 steps a day. This bargain lover intends to find many bargains in smaller sizes in the next year or so.  DO more!!  (and save while doing it!!)

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