>I wore lipgloss this weekend. Yes, I did. Its my anniversary and I’m Clearly In LOVE!

>This is not a regular occurrence.  Even when I have makeup on I wear chapstick at most.  I neglect my lips. But, thanks to Ally and Karly  friends of mine, my 5 year old is obsessed with lip gloss and asks for it every 3.2 seconds.  Every so often I cave in and let her have a bit.  Then she’ll want ME to wear some.

I do like the Leslie Tyler “Clearly in Love” gloss in Mint Kiss we got to check out- the smell is nice and perks my mood up a bit, and the gloss itself is modest in shine, and not thick when applied.  Often times when I try a gloss its too thick for my liking and I end up wiping it right off.  

But, today is our anniversary, and since its, well, its Monday…  (Not the most romantic day of the week!) I decided on Saturday to make a special dinner and put on some makeup and ‘real’ clothes.  Sometimes, its nice to celebrate occasions at home, and still dress like you are going out.  (Those of you who know me and are shocked reading this, please note, I did not wear shoes.  More like the me you know?).  So we had a nice family dinner and spent a nice evening together, hubby and myself, in honor of the 7 years we’ve been married, and the 10.5 we’ve been together.   With 3 very young children, finding the time and energy to do things like putting on makeup for dinner at home on a Saturday isn’t always easy.  Having some quick and simple to use products like this gloss make it a lot easier!

The thing that struck me most about this gloss?  My husband didn’t make the yuck face when I kissed him.  He hates kissing gloss or lipstick, and this time, he didn’t complain.  Perhaps it was the mintiness, perhaps it was the sheerness, but he didn’t complain.  He’s been complaining about kissing lip products for 10 years, people!! This is huge!!  The kissability factor should ALWAYS be taken into account with lip products.

So.  In short.  Leslie Tyler’s Clearly in Love- smells great, goes on smooth, stays on long, not too thick, and makes you feel great!  It comes in a handful of colors, and retails for about $12.00.  That’s not so bad considering how many $3 and $4 tubes of gloss I’ve tossed immediately because I hate how it feels on- I’d rather spend a bit more on one product that’s a good quality that I’m happy with than less on multiple products I’m not satisfied with. Rumor has it that Taylor Swift and Jennifer Love Hewitt like this stuff too!!

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I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review from It’s a Glam Thing.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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