>Nomie Eco Ware Blogmania Sponsor Review & Spotlight

>Nomie is a mom of 3 kids, just like me.  Oddly enough, our kids are almost the exact same ages.  Within weeks of one another.  Kind of cool, don’t you think?  I do!!  Nomie also is the artisan behind Nomie Eco Ware!  and is one of my awesome Blogmania Sponsors for my “Made by Mom, Loved by Kids” theme.

Nomie Eco Ware is a shop that upcycles.  If you haven’t yet heard of upcycling, familiarize yourself with it, because you will be seeing and hearing it more and more in the future.  Basically, Nomie finds treasures in items that people outgrow, or discard, and she makes them into something new and fabulous.

Take, for example, this dress she made for Baby B- this used to be a women’s shirt!!  Nomie worked her magic and its been an adorable sundress all summer long.  I’m apparantly only allowed to let the baby wear this with denim capris or a red diaper, according to big sister Busy.  I love that Nomie has the vision to see beautiful creations from something others may not.  That’s really a gift I wish I had!!  
OK…I can’t get a photo of my child in this dress.  Every single time I put it on her she gets sick on it or has a freak diaper incident- I am at a loss with this!!  The dress is just like the one modeled by this beautiful baby but my baby’s is a deep turquoise with red ribbon.  Its adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course, my baby doesn’t have anywhere near this much hair even at 13 months but you can get the idea of the cuteness of the dress!!

(ours is solid color- these photos are from Nomie Eco Ware-isn’t the model just SCRUMPTIOUS?)
For Blogmania, Nomie has made a 24month toddler dress and matching flower headband clip 

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