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Getting pregnant isn't always as simple as a man, a woman, an egg and a determined sperm.  Sometimes, things go awry...other times, the partners in the relationship are both the same sex.  Which is totally fine.  It does, however, present some challenges in achieving pregnancy.  Of course, there's always artificial insemination, etc., but for most [...]

Chocolate Potato Chip Bark


Sweet and salty. Who doesn't love that flavor combo? I'm generally a sweets girl, my sister C is a salty girl... hubby is also a salty guy. But sweet AND salty? We all love. So good.  This chocolate potato chip bark is a super quick-to-make, super simple recipe that will be done in no time [...]

Spicy Foods and Heartburn Relief


Heartburn doesn't really care if you have had a "Girl's Night Out" planned for weeks, a date night with the hubby, or a family vacation- trust me on this one, I know it from repeated past experiences. Heartburn can strike any of us, and frequently, what we eat is the culprit.  Sometimes, you really just [...]

Shaun The Sheep Movie Marshmallows


One of the perks of being a parent is being able to indulge yourself in childish things without being called out on it! You can play on the playground or eat an ice cream sundae for dinner or watch cartoons. You just need to be sure other kids are around, otherwise, people may look at [...]

What Are You Doing To Protect Your Personal Data?


One of my hobbies is photography. I take photos of just about everything, but my favorite subjects are my kids! I document virtually all of their moments on my digital camera or my smartphone. Their memories, our memories. My family teases me that I am really great at capturing even the smallest milestone. Hey! At [...]

Keep your summer jams going with Pringles


Why buy a bag when you can get the can and live life crumb free? Especially when you have rowdy, growing  kids that are always looking for a snack and living life to the beat of their own drum.  That is why I make it a point to stock up on Pringles® during the summer- [...]

Quick and Easy Minions Snack Mix

minion snack mix

So there's this movie coming out, with some of my most favorite movie characters EVER in it.  Maybe you've heard of them? They are yellow and weird and have a propensity to make you laugh and laugh when onscreen?  The Minions? Well, the movie arrives in theaters this Friday (July 10), and I can't even [...]

10 Must See National Landmarks


From sea to shining sea, from north to as far south as you can drive there are many famous, awe inspiring landmarks to see right here in our United States. That makes for plenty of awesome road trips for you and the family, with amazing photos to be taken, and memories to be made. Where will [...]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes


Some flavors of childhood lose their appeal when you grow up. Cheap  boxed macaroni and cheese? Lost my taste for it. Chocolate milk? No thanks. But a classic Peanut Butter and Jelly just never lost it's appeal, plus it's great for those days you are just too lazy tired to make a real meal.  It [...]

7 Secrets for Successful Butterfly Gardens


If you want to draw a lot of beautiful butterflies to your yard you have to make it very inviting for them.  Just like you want a fluffy bed at the hotel, a good hot breakfast, and other comforts they require some key features to be attacted to your garden spread. Buffet, comfy places to [...]