Notebook Paper Little Debbie Treats- This Mama Loves

Notebook Paper Little Debbie Treats

I love Little Debbie snack cakes and so do my kids. Whenever we are at the store, they ask for a box and sometimes I let them grab a box or two as a treat for after school or I sneak one into their lunch without them knowing. I know their eyes light up at [...]

The Value of Berries and Other Items in Pokemon Go – PART 2

The Value of Berries and Other Items in Pokemon Go part 2 - This Mama Loves

Why should you play Pokemon Go? There are a surprising number of benefits to playing this game that's sweeping the nation!   Having a grand time playing the Pokemon Go app yet? If you haven’t already tried this amazing free game app available on most Android and IOS portable devices, you’ve got to get crackin’ [...]

The Value of Berries and Other Items in Pokemon Go – PART 1

The value of berries and other items in Pokemon Go part 1 = This Mama Loves

Pokemon Go has captured the world in its own Pokeball! Everyone around is playing this new, free app by Niantic, and it’s no wonder why. This app has been created with people of all ages in mind and it’s game play is both fun and addicting!  Below you will find some helpful tips to teaching [...]

Why should I play Pokemon Go? #PokemonGo


Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm but still, many people are on the fence about joining in on the fun. If you look around nearly any neighborhood you will find yourself debating this may change your mind.Pokemon Go is not the top app across Android and IOS for no reason! Get out more [...]

Beneful Dream Dog Park Project Program

Dream Dog Park Project- This Mama Loves Blog

Dream Dog Park Project Earlier this spring, I was in St. Louis visiting our friends at Purina (specifically, Beneful), and was able to take part in a work day to spruce up the Frenchtown Dog Park while there. This was the unofficial kickoff off Beneful's sixth year of the Beneful Dream Dog Park Project program- where monies [...]

Delicious Dishes Recipe Link Party #28 Favorite Fruit Recipes

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party #28 Favorite fruit recipes

Last week, we welcomed some new hosts for the party while my family and I were cruising the blue waters of the Caribbean on the Carnival Magic...lots of new recipe inspiration and oh, the yummies we ate! Delicious Dishes is a weekly link party where bloggers can share their most delicious recipes all while checking out the [...]

Blueberry Banana Bread {Lightened up Version}

blueberry banana bread recipe hero

We have two huge blueberry bushes in our yard.  We have an abundance of berries every year, especially this time of year, and we are usually trying to use up the ones I froze last season before the new year's harvest comes. We actually went through all 7 gallons I froze last summer, so we [...]

Keeping kids hydrated during summer adventures #FruitShoot

keeping kids hydrated on summer adventures hero

This has been a summer full of adventures for my family. While spring soccer has ended, we are still busy with camps- including a ninja warrior camp- and summer gymnastics team we are still on the go and keeping active. Active always means needing to make sure we're hydrated- adding in summer heat and [...]

Finding Dory Hank Bath Salts DIY

Finding Dory Hank Bath Salts DIY from This Mama Loves

We loved Finding Dory when we saw it a few weeks ago.  Even my husband enjoyed it, and he rarely admits to enjoying family films. This one had a lot of fun, a lot of cute, and a whole lot of Hank! Hank's a cantankerous octopus who's really just a big old softie on the [...]

Managing IBS & Dairy Free Smoothie #VSL3TheJourneyBack

Managing IBS & Dairy Free Smoothie

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. All opinions, text and experiences are my own. VSL#3 is a high-potency probiotic medical food for the dietary management of IBS, UC, and ileal pouch and must be used under medical supervision. Please check with your healthcare provider with any questions you might have. These [...]