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>The folks at Similac created a Baby Journal app that I’ve been using for several days, entering info as if I had a new baby.  I can see this being really useful for parents with newborns!  Despite what you may think, since this app is made by Similac, this is not just for formula feeding.  Its for breastfeeding, bottle  feeding and a combination of breast and bottle!! 

When you first download the app, you need to start your profile, and enter baby’s name, birth date, and other basic information.  Then you can choose how your baby is fed- breast, bottle, or both.  I chose breastfeeding, not for any specific reason- although the app gives you the option to record bottle feedings regardless.  You can also upload a photo of your baby for the app- what parent doesn’t want to ogle their little ones?

One thing I really like about the breastfeeding part is that it lets you choose if the baby is nursing on the left or right side.  I always forgot to keep track.  This is a simple way to help keep track, and you just click start feeding- and it times the feeding for you.  This is great if you have a baby like mine who is slow to gain so you can share pertinent info with your pediatrician!! 

The app timing feedings would maybe have been one of the most helpful things for me- my kids have all been very very very slow to sleep well and I’ve been so sleep deprived with a newborn that I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times the babies were up eating nor how long they nursed for (or bottle fed for).  This is info that at times you really do want to know and I know I’d have appreciated this app in the first few months.

There is also a way to record bottle feedings- how much was in the bottle, how long baby fed for, and how much was left. 

There is a section for diaper changes, which I think is especially helpful for new parents- you can choose a wet diaper, wet and soiled, or just soiled- and then choose from color/texture options.  I am sure non-parents would find this weird, but as a veteran mom I know we watched the kids like hawks for that mustard seed appearance progression when the kids were babies! 

This app seems like it would be really helpful to ANY parent of a new baby- I can only imagine how much help it could be to parents of new multiples for keeping track of feeding, sleeping and diapering!  You can also track trends within the app itself after you’ve entered some data, which I think is great to spot patterns or trends or see if you need to change something.  Plus, it doesn’t matter how your baby is fed, nor if you use cloth or disposable diapers.  It works for everyone!

This app can work on the iPhone or the iPod Touch (which is what I’ve used it on). 

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  • Too bad there isn’t on of these for android phone users. I could really use this app but have no plans to swith to an iphone.

  • >Stopping by from "Read my Feed" on The Adventures of Mommy B. Following your feed via Google. Would appreciate a follow back at http://feeds.feedburner.com/ASpoonfulOSugar which is the feed for http://www.aspoonfulosugr.blogspot.com. I love this app.. thanks for giving the heads up about it.Samantha


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