Slow down and savor the holidays with Marie Callender’s (Visa Gift Card Giveaway 2 winners) #MarieCallenders

Here it is- Thanksgiving week! I can’t even believe we’re this far into 2012.  Time flies, I guess, when life gets busy.  Does it feel like there’s a countdown to Thanksgiving and from that day until January 2nd, things are go, go GO nonstop?  It’s exhausting. It’s draining.  It’s fun and wonderful, too, of course, but it’s a lot.  There’s so much going on and so much FUN to be had but there’s also everyday life to live and family to spend time with.  Marie Callender’s offers a variety of pies that help us save time in the kitchen and spend more time with our family during this hectic time of year.


As busy and exciting as this time of year is, I think it’s really important that we do take some time to slow down.  To savor the moments.  If we spend all of our time hurrying up to rush off to the next experience and “magical memory” when do we actually get to live in the moment, in the here and now?  This is the time of year we should be treasuring the moments, and creating memories of doing together.  Not just rushing together. Parties are fun, and I love them too, but so is an afternoon of snowball fights and hot chocolate with marshmallows.  Not having to prepare pies/cakes/desserts for a party means you have all of that time left to do something else with the family- and you (by you I mean WE) should be doing that. Read stories together.  Take a walk.  Do a craft.  Live in the moment. Savor the moment.

marie callenders dutch-apple-pie

I’ve decided that instead of spending hours on pie making this Thanksgiving, I’m going to enjoy my afternoon the day before the holiday playing games with my kids.  Marie Callender’s is going to do my baking for me this year.  I’m trying to take my OWN advice and slow down, live in the moment, and savor it.  The Dutch Apple Pie is going to be full of apple-y goodness and I’m going to sit back and take a moment to be thankful that I spent my afternoon playing with the kids instead of rushing to get everything done.

Marie Callender’s® Dutch Apple masterpiece begins with 100% Fuji apples, pure cane sugar, and a dash of cinnamon, all in our rich and flaky pastry pie shell. Sprinkle our delicious crumb topping on at just the right time and let it bake to a crisp, golden perfection. Then, relax and enjoy.

Marie Callenders Dutch Apple Pie

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About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • We’re reducing our cookie list. Normally we bake around 10 different kinds, two dozen each. We’re just going to bake four kinds this year and that will free up an entire day. We also may have a buffet Christmas dinner rather than a sit down, hot meal or we’re considering eating at a restaurant. Minimal decorations and no tree. We’re always so exhausted post Christmas so we need to scale back on everything. I want to Christmas to be Christmas not a marathon or endless ordeal.

  • My family is about due to hang out all day together and have a movie marathon. That’s how we chill out.

  • I plan on baking and that’s about it! I want to make plates of baked goods to give to our friends and neighbors. I love to bake so it’s kind of taking it easy. lol

  • I’m taking it easy this year. We’re not decorating outside, only having a tree this year. I’m also sharing the cooking with my mom instead of doing it all myself.

  • Just sitting and enjoying the chaos and madness that is family time at Christmas.

  • Plan on not purchasing one gift. Really, for years it’s just been about presents. We want to focus on the real reason for the season this year. We’ll do lots of christmas light looking and eating at home to enjoy the season.

  • i sit with the family and we all discuss things like the local news while i watch en grow up but i plan on getting my shooping done early so we can go see christmass lights


  • Spending more time with my family and baking lots of cookies!!

  • Im taking a week off from work

  • I plan on taking some time off from work so I can spend more time with my kids.

  • I am not in the spirit yet. connie danielson

  • I have done almost all my Christmas shopping– only need two more gifts–the cookies will be baked with the kids and they will decorate them–, the dough for that is in the freezer– we have chosen to have sandwiches and soup two nights a week–so no real cooking for two nights, the rest will be done all in one day for the rest of the week–so that leaves 5 full night just with my family for fun.I only grocery shop twice a month , except for milk, and cheese since those are the two things we run out of every other week, and my husband will pick that up on the way home.So the holidays are really mine,as long as there is no emergancies–with six girls,there is always something going on. Thanks for this opportunity at this.

  • I agree with you. Give up the cleaning, intense baking and craziness of the holidays and sit back, watch a movie, read with your children! Compared to how I used to be, I have calmed down so much since I first got married. Once our 3rd child was born I realized how important it was to enjoy being with family MORE than making a good impression!

  • Baking with my granddaughters – that relaxes me

  • Savoring the holidays is something we try hard to do each year. This year instead of joining the madness on Black Friday in the wee hours of the morning, we opted for a good night’s rest and ventured out around 9am. The stores were not very crowded and there were still lots of good bargains left for us to get in on. Setting up the tree will be combined with a light dinner of finger foods, wine and Christmas music that we will do on my husband’s first day, which will be the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Right now he is a 911 dispatcher, but his previous job was as a firefighter and flight paramedic. I am also retired from EMS. The one thing we know from our years on the job was that things can change in the blink of an eye and that you are not always able to be with your family on holidays. You have to savor each day and make it special.

  • Get my shopping done as soon as possible so I can focus on spending time with my family and doing all the christmas traditions with the kiddos!

  • I will slow down and savor the holidays by drinking copious amounts of beer.

    • I just laughed out loud!

  • I just spent the day with my daughter & my grandchildren for Thanksgiving. I just allowed myself to be a guest and enjoy my time spent there. My daughter & her boyfriend were such wonderful host/hostesses!

  • I make everything I can the day before, so I can spend more time with family!

  • I have 11 days off over the holidays so I plan on relaxing and enjoying being with my family

  • I am turning my business phone off! And everything else will fall into place after that.

  • I plan to not worry so much about presents but on what the season is about and why we celebrate it,

  • for Thanksgiving we are gathered together in a house in the Virginia mountains, just relaxing & preparing easy food – for Christmas I hope to get things done ahead of time and have an easy, enjoyable time then too.

  • I am cutting up all the veggies and making everything that I can the day before everyone arrives! This always saves me a ton of time and I get to visit with friends and family versus slaving in the kitchen!

  • We plan to relax at home and maybe play some board games with the girls

  • My fiance and I are taking a few days off after the Thanksgiving madness to go out to the cottage and relax. We agreed that we’d only check internet/phones, etc. once in the morning and once and night while we were there. I plan on bringing some books so I can catch up on my reading!

  • I plan to relax by being prepared and getting everything organized early on 🙂

  • i plan to leave work and school away and really focus on my time with family. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a martini!

  • This year I’m going to do an electronic ban for all meals. My family will be away and have limited access to cable. So we’ll HAVE to talk to each other!

  • I will make sure to put away all electronic devices away on the holidays, and focus on my family!

  • I plan to spend the holiday with family and friends. The kids are home with me for 9 days so i think we will be baking and making some crafts.

  • I plan on slowing down and doing everything homemade. I love cooking!

  • I plan to get my shopping done early so I can relax later on.