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Many of you don’t know that I spent every summer of my childhood at Lake Winnipesaukee- and much of many summers after that.  My dad still has the house on an island up there, but is unable to care for it so until it sells, my brother has taken on the responsibility.  Its funny how perception changes as you get older- I used to resent that we had no electricity on the island- no tv, no radio, no video games- no microwave- nothing.  I also found it just weird that our fridge ran on gas, with a pilot light- the stove wasn’t that weird but I the fridge baffled me.  Decades later, I’d be a very happy lady to live out on the island for the summer without electricity (ok maybe *some* for internet…) just swimming, reading and playing games as a family.

Years into having this house, my dad starting exploring options for power.  He bought a generator, and used that to fire up a microwave in the mornings.  Sometime when I was in the highschool or college years, he started researching solar panels and eventually purchased and installed some at the lake house, providing enough electricity for lights, a tiny 5″ black & white tv (my mom missed the news).  At the time I believe the only thing available were the solar panels that ended up being permanently installed on the roof, which have been great, but with all of the different options for solar use today like portable solar panels, I think we’d have gotten far more bang for our buck with the portable options, shifting them as the seasons changed.

I’m excited to see all of the new options out and about for solar power, and keep seeing chargers for different electronics we all use so frequently (myself included!!) like mp3 players, smartphones, tablets, laptops, cordless phones- charging them uses electricity and costs money- I would love to have an option that charges them without a recurring cost to me and doesn’t require the use of more electricty.  I’d be REALLY excited if I could find a solar charger for the kids’ power wheels trucks in the yard- that would be awesome!! They chould charge as they drove and we’d never have to plug 12 v batteries in.

Down the road, if we can swing it, I’d love to invest in solar panels for our home- I just think they do so much without taking away from our earth and I”d love to use them for power!  I think I better start small, and look at maybe buying a solar battery charger.  Maybe for my trip to LA?

What about you?  Do you think solar power is worth investing in? Do you use it?  What do you have?

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  • This is all good stuff. Thanks again for the interesting posts, it helps me so much with my research. Bring on the sunshine.
    renewable energy

  • I too am very interested in solar panels. My dad has installed them on his motor home and on his and our tear drop trailers. I love how you can use electricity “for free”. I’d love to have them installed on our house and have even read that there are grants you can get from the gov. to help you pay for them!


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