Samsung Focus Windows Phone Review and Giveaway


Are you looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? One that they will REALLY REALLY love! Then you need to check out the Windows Phones from AT&T . This would be a great gift idea for Father’s Day!

Why Windows Phone? Here are some Details from Samsung:

  • Gaming: Windows Phone comes with Xbox LIVE. This allows you to play Xbox LIVE games and earn points anywhere, anytime. Some of the games include: Need for Speed and Guitar Hero 5
  • Music: The Windows Phone is equipped with Zune, a music service that will allow dad to listen to all of his favorite tunes. With a Zune Pass subscription, he can stream and download unlimited music every month for just the price of a CD. This feature also works on your PC, through the browser and the Xbox too?
  • Customize: With a Windows Phone, Dad can fully customize his Start Screen with all the things that matter most. Pin directions to the baseball park, favorite apps, anything! Dad can even keep tabs on the kids by pinning them to his Start Screen to see instant updates from their Facebook – without opening an app!
  • Unchain from the desk: No need to swing by the office on his day off, with a Windows Phone and Office Mobile, Dad can create, view and edit Microsoft Office documents like PowerPoint, Excel and Word, right from his phone. No desk or laptop required.
  • Dad-approved apps: Whether he is getting the latest sports scores, shopping for a weekend project or lighting up the BBQ, Windows Phones have all the apps Dad wants.