Baby UR Precious Review and Giveaway

With the arrival of my newest little one a few weeks ago, I couldn’t have been happier to have the opportunity to try out some delicious organic bamboo products from Baby U R Precious.  This is a family based company (we love that!) that is committed to leaving a small green footprint (we love that even more!!).  All of their products are made from certified organic bamboo velour, and let me tell you, this material is absolutely luxurious.  Not only is bamboo a sustainable product, but is has excellent moisture absorbing and antimicrobial properties.

Baby U R Precious offers a variety of baby products including:

  • Baby Hooded Bath Towel with Hands-free Strap
  • Toddler Hooded Bath Towel
  • Wash Cloths
  • Baby and Toddler Bibs

  • Burp Cloths
  • Baby Blankets (mini and standard size)
  • Oversized Blankets
  • Gift Baskets

The friendly folds at Baby UR Precious were generous enough to let me try their Baby Hooded Bath Towel with Hands-Free Strap, Toddler Bib and a set of their Wash Cloths.

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VTech’s Peek-At-Me Bunny (Giveaway)

VTech’s Peek-At-Me Bunny is an adorable interactive stuffed friend for the littlest family members that can play and teach your child things when its playtime, and calm and soothe them when its  night time. I had a lot going on the first few days this bunny was in the house and I kept making it turn on into soothing mode when making noise (unloading dishwasher, calling to kids to come inside to eat, etc) and at first I didn’t realize that *I* was making it respond- the bunny thought I was a crying baby (I guess I do have a high pitched voice?)

The Peek-At-Me Bunny has 2 play modes, and with both modes, the bunny will interact with your child.  It’s intended for ages 3 and under although I think probably 2 1/2 years is the top age range.  I absolutely adore the way the bunny will respond to sounds in night mode, playing soothing lullabies for  several minutes (and baby will quickly learn to make it play more when the bunny stops if my kids are an indicator!) and learning colors, shapes and body parts in Playtime mode is always fun for little ones. [click to continue…]

be you. be true for girls (giveaway 2 winners)

little miss pink is all about her “be” messages. She hopes to make you smile, empower & inspire you to be you & be true.

This line of tshirts and hats is, in a word, awesome.  Girl power in a fun and spunky way, with a huge array of colorful and sweet designs, all with one underlying theme: to be you and be true.  No negativity, no suggestive messages- and not just for kids!  Cute, simple and positive, and oh so much fun.  Busy B got 2 shirts from be you. be true- I think one was meant for Baby B but it was a 5/6 and way too big for her so lucky big sister…she’s got 2!!  be funky is the perfect shirt for my girly, who’s always dressing the way she wants, ignoring fashion rules and doing what she feels looks good (I hope she stays true to that forever!!) [click to continue…]

Boumy Soft Leather Shoes for your littlest ones

Boumy Shoes, made in Hollandsent Baby B a pair of their Flower Power Pink shoes to try out.  I’m a huge fan of soft soled shoes at least until children turn 2 although honestly, my kids have worn them through the winter when 3 because they tuck nicely into my bag, keep the kids’ socks on and therefore, their feet warmer.  Being washable, soft soled shoes can also be cleaned regularly and disinfected after playing at a place like the mall playground…

These shoes are not only adorable, but they are well designed and very practical.  Ok the flowers on them may not be practical, but why does practical have to be boring?  The elastic around the ankle offers room for little ones to move in all different directions without having restricted movement, and the soft sole means they are not stuck with cumbersome rigid soles.  Feet are protected while having the space to move and grow- it’s been my experience in 6 years as a mom that these shoes last a lot longer than single-sized shoes because they fit a range not a specific size.  It doesn’t matter if the Boumy shoes run a bit big on your little one- and they will get lots and lots of use out of them before they move to a new size.  [click to continue…]

Original Sprout Baby Hair & Skin Care ($50 Gift Card Giveaway)

With summer and nice weather comes dirty kids.  Its inevitable- they play outside, they get messy.  I like bathing my kids and using products on their hair and skin that are safe for them and without harmful ingredients, whenever possible.  Original Sprout is a family-owned company that offers products that are gentle to the kids’ hair and skin and (not surprisingly) created by a mom.

First off, the packaging is great.  Simplistic and clean, just like the product- although don’t let the look deceive you because these products perform very very well.  I actually used the detangler on my own hair a few times after the kids played “do mommys hair” and I was very happy with how it worked even on my thick hair!!

Next- the ingredients- or rather, the lack of…you won’t find formaldehyde in Original Sprout products.  Nor will you find lye.

I love this brand. I love that its a mom- started product line, and that they are so cautious with their ingredients, but also equally as conscious of the performance of the product.  Definitely a hit in mybook.  Or tub, as the case may be. [click to continue…]

BARE™ Air-Free Baby Bottles

Priska Diaz  is a mom-preneur who invented BARE™ Air-Free Baby Bottles, because she needed a good solution to a too common problem with baby bottles.  All three of my kids took bottles, and all three of my kids had issues with different bottles.  I can tell you that adding up numbers in my head that we literally spent hundreds of dollars on bottles before finding one that didn’t give our kids painful gas or cause them to spit up more than they already did.  Ask any parent who’s walking like a zombie into the baby section of a store grabbing five brands of bottles off of shelves at 10pm on a Saturday night, and they’ll tell you how desperate you can become to find THE RIGHT BOTTLE.  [click to continue…]

Kokopax Review/Giveaway and Discount!

Some people call me picky. However, when it comes to stylish accessories I will not settle for less. This is particularly true of baby items. I had been searching for years for that perfect diaper bag. They all seem to fall short in some way. Either they aren’t structured enough, too big, too small, not enough pockets, ugly, poor construction, etc…. I have found that a lot of diaper bags are cheaply made and don’t even last that long.

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Swaddle Designs Review and Giveaway Ends 6/10/11

I am sure all of you baby swaddling moms out there have heard of SwaddleDesigns. ” They are best known for their Ultimate Receiving Blanket® and their Marquisette Swaddling Blanket® which are both much larger than typical receiving blankets and square in shape – and SwaddleDesigns exclusively offers swaddling blankets with swaddling instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket (patent pending). SwaddleDesigns swaddling blankets are perfect for swaddling and have many uses such as a privacy throw for breastfeeding moms, a tummy time play mat and a cover over the stroller. ” I had the opportunity to try out SwaddleDesigns newest product: the SwaddleDesigns® Swaddle Duo™ which features both our Ultimate Receiving Blanket and Marquisette Swaddling Blanket. I chose the Blue Classic Peace Love Swaddle Duo with it’s baby blue pattern and cute polka dot and peace sign design. The SwaddleDuo includes 2 different swaddling blankets in one gift box:
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The Baby Store Plus Review and Giveaway Ends 6/5/11

The Baby Store PLUS is a mom/grandma owned/operated online business. They were recently awareded the 2010 Business of the Year Award in their community. They offer 1 business day OR LESS shipping and provide great products at the best prices possible. They also offer great shipping fees. They have a $6.95 Flat-rate fee. Orders with a total shipping weight of less than 13 oz will be charged a lower flat rate of $3.95. And many of their most popular light weight products are now shipped Free! . Live Chat is available on the website and the store phone is a cell phone so they can be reached anytime.
The Baby Store Plus is an online store that carries products for babies and moms. Product categories include the following: [click to continue…]