AEROBIE Skylighter flying disc review


Aerobie® Skylighter™
Lighted Disc

Back in October we had a freak snowstorm that left most of Connecticut without power for as many as 10 days.  Parents were stuck trying to find ways to entertain children that were unexpectedly out of school for a week.  We played board games, took walks and waited in line for gas.  Then a package arrived with the Aerobie Skylighter lighted disc.  My husband and I have always enjoyed throwing a disc around and my little guy has quite an arm.  So, we waited until the sun went down and suited up with our coats, boots and mittens.  Out in the snow covered yard we started to toss around this lighted disc.  It was so much fun to play in the dark and actually be able to see the disc.  The next time we play I will get some glow stick necklaces to wear so we can see each other in the yard.   This disc is easy to throw and the rubber rim makes it easy for all ages to catch.

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