GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning- Natural, Organic, and Green

We don’t have many carpets in our home- we have mostly hardwood floors, with 2 area rugs in the downstairs, and carpeting in our master bedroom. I have a carpet cleaner and do use it several times a year but I have been thinking that I’d really like to get our rugs deep cleaned professionally- especially now that my littlest is potty trained.  I just feel like it would give us a “fresh start” on things, without having to purchase new rugs and carpets.

My hesitation in using a professional cleaner has always been the chemicals used.  We avoid using harsh chemicals in our home, and in our yard, so I didn’t want to call and have someone do carpet cleaning using something that could be harmful to our children or our pets.  We’ve spent a lot of time and money learning about products that are safe to use with both animals and children in the home and I feel like that would be a waste to just end up using chemicals on our rugs!   Plus, I don’t want my family breathing in harsh chemicals and fumes if I can prevent that.

GreenChoice does not just clean carpets.  They offer mattress cleaning (am I the only person this never occurs to?) and air duct cleaning as well as a variety of other services.  They can also do rug repairs.  They work hard to make natural and organic, green cleaning affordable for just about everyone, which really makes me want to learn more about their company. It seems like so many times when companies are greener, the pricing is  far above what we could ever afford.

What do you do for deep cleaning for your carpets and rugs?  Do you do it yourself?  Hire a professional?  

Nalgene for Food & Drink Storage (Prize Pack Giveaway- 3 winners)

With the kids going back to school, in just a few short weeks, I’m gearing up to be packing snacks and lunches daily.  Part of deciding upon and planning those snacks and lunches, of course, includes what they are stored and carried to school in.  I will always choose safe, reusable containers for our family needs, and school snacks and lunches are no exception.  Nalgene is for sure one of the first brands that comes to mind, and one of the first brands I reach for when shopping in stores and online.  (Or “click” for, I guess, online?)  Nalgene offers durable, lasting, safe and affordable storage options for food and beverage storage. 

Nalgene sent the Grip-n-Gulp for my ‘little’ ones.  Far more grown up looking than a regular old sippy cup, and far more durable (and leakproof, in my experience), these fun colors and smaller sized water bottles are a great way to get your little ones wanting to drink more water!  My kids are pretty good about asking for water but I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too much” water and if a fun water bottle makes them want more water, I’ll gladly comply with their requests.  As a mom I love that they want water to drink, but I’m also happy that the container they are drinking from isn’t going to leak and make a mess, and also that it is BPA free and safe for the kids to drink from. [click to continue…]

Kids Summer Fun: Smens® Pens (Giveaway)

Educational Insights sent us a 10 pack of Smens® Pens.  These are environmentally friendly pens that smell fantastic, and aren’t harmful to our earth.  They look pretty cool, too.  In theory, these are great for kids, you know, because of the scents.  I kind of don’t want to share them at all, with anyone.  So I maybe tucked them in a dark corner of the cabinet, in hopes the kids will forget about them…..can you blame me?

We were very excited to try these.  The pens come in a cool cylindrical pouch that has a zip closure at one end.  Each pen is in a biodegradable plastic tube, so that the smells aren’t all mixed together and they stay fresh.  (I can’t imagine that 10 scents mixed together are going to smell very good, and each smells great individually so why not keep them that way!?).  [click to continue…]