GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning- Natural, Organic, and Green

We don’t have many carpets in our home- we have mostly hardwood floors, with 2 area rugs in the downstairs, and carpeting in our master bedroom. I have a carpet cleaner and do use it several times a year but I have been thinking that I’d really like to get our rugs deep cleaned professionally- especially now that my littlest is potty trained.  I just feel like it would give us a “fresh start” on things, without having to purchase new rugs and carpets.

My hesitation in using a professional cleaner has always been the chemicals used.  We avoid using harsh chemicals in our home, and in our yard, so I didn’t want to call and have someone do carpet cleaning using something that could be harmful to our children or our pets.  We’ve spent a lot of time and money learning about products that are safe to use with both animals and children in the home and I feel like that would be a waste to just end up using chemicals on our rugs!   Plus, I don’t want my family breathing in harsh chemicals and fumes if I can prevent that.

GreenChoice does not just clean carpets.  They offer mattress cleaning (am I the only person this never occurs to?) and air duct cleaning as well as a variety of other services.  They can also do rug repairs.  They work hard to make natural and organic, green cleaning affordable for just about everyone, which really makes me want to learn more about their company. It seems like so many times when companies are greener, the pricing is  far above what we could ever afford.

What do you do for deep cleaning for your carpets and rugs?  Do you do it yourself?  Hire a professional?  

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  • I deep clean my own carpets and furniture with my own steam cleaner :) I love that I cameo it as often as I want!
  • I like the thought of using natural organic products to clean my carpets and floors! It is also nice that they make a product for cleaning mattresses! Sounds like a great company!
  • We hired a professional before and it was so expensive that we tried it ourselves the next time. I think we did very well. I always prefer to use green products and this would be perfect! I think we'll be cleaning our carpets and furniture again very soon and I'd definitely like to give GreenChoice a try! Thanks for sharing.

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