Back to School with Targus: Protect your Electronics!

Targus sent me one of their 10.2″ Zamba Netbook Sleeves in purple(which is used for my Galaxy Tablet).  I needed to have something that I can carry my tablet in and not worry that it will be bumped or scratched when, inevitably, my bag is dropped, set down hard, bumped into, or whatever.  It is not made specifically for my tablet size so its a bit large (made for netbooks up to 10.2 inches!)  but it houses my tablet and keeps it safe and I’m really pleased with the construction and quality of materials.  Of course, I’ve had it dropped a few times while it was in the sleeve and it was well protected!

The sleeve is made of water resistant neoprene which is great for people on the go all the time- in inclement weather even if you have a long walk to your destination, your electronics will be protected.  The interior has a scratch resistant lining which, as we all know, is very important for electronic protection in the day and age of tablets and touchscreens!  [click to continue…]