Virgin Mobile for your cellular (and beyond!) needs #Giveaway

HTC Wildfire SIt’s been almost a year since I was first introduced to Virgin Mobile.  It was love at first sight, when my Samsung Intercept first arrived at my door, and I was (at long last) included in the world of smartphones.  Smartphones with affordable plans, and no contracts.  No commitment.  That’s what I love about Virgin Mobile.  They save me money.  Us, really.  We were paying just under$55.00 a month for my phone with our old provider- that was with zero data, and450 talk minutes (plus free nights and weekends)- I did pay $5 extra each month for texting.  But that had limits too.  With Virgin Mobile, I get 1250 talk minutes, plus unlimited messaging and data.  I have no contract.  I love it.

I have a new phone, although this time, Mr. Bargains tested it out…for the most part.  He’s still without a smartphone (work provides his cell but they don’t do data or anything).  Virgin Mobile sent us the HTC Wildfire S for review.  He used it for a month and now I’ve taken it over.

I find this phone to be  easy to use, very receptive touch screen, LOVE the flash (I haven’t ever had that on a phone before!  Nor have I had a 5 megapixel camera on a phone) and so many other cool apps available from Android marketplace.  My husband liked the phone well enough but has large  hands and gets very frustrated with touch screens (he hates my tablet for the same reason).  He liked the features, especially the ability to create different sounds for anything “incoming” like ringtones, texts, emails, calendar notifications, etc).  He just got frustrated because he felt like he couldn’t enter anything into the phone due to his hands being large.   [click to continue…]