Let’s Go Camping Barbie Style

Enter to win a 3-day family getaway to Yosemite National Park in the Camp Barbie Sweepstakes!  Each week two winners will also be chosen each week to receive a $100 Walmart gift card! Plus, while you are there, get a sneak peek of the new Barbie Princess Charm School movie- which is a wonderful family movie that my kids and I have watched several times already!

Watch “A Camping We Will Go!” Watch an exclusive video of A Camping We Will Go! and other videos from Barbie including a sneak peek at Barbie Princess Charm School. The summertime fun never stops at Camp Barbie!

In celebration of Camp Barbie! one of my readers will win Barbie Sisters Camp Out! Tent and Stacie Doll [click to continue…]

Let’s Rock! Elmo (Giveaway)

Let’s Rock! Elmo may very well be one of *the* hot toys for the preschool crowd this year.  It’s got the components that kids love- you can play with it, sing with it, dance with it, and interacts with them.  Music, technology and entertainment in an adorable, furry red package.  The black tshirt Elmo’s wearing helps him look the rock star part for sure!  I love that Elmo interacts with the other instruments in the LET’S ROCK line- offering the juice box crowd a way to form a friendly (and age appropriate) little rock band of their own. 

My kids love music, they love technology and they LOVE to sing and dance so I had to jump at the chance to check out this new Elmo- and I’m so glad I did!  He’s so cool, and so much fun- plus, even though he’s a cool rock star, Elmo stays true to his roots- he remembers to say please and thank you when asking for and receiving his instruments.  The songs he sings are also very appropriate (including Elmo’s World).  

One thing that immediately stuck out to me is that Elmo really does interact with the instruments.  He shakes the tambourine, lifts the mic to his mouth, sometimes even when humming, and pounds on the drums with his arm- sometimes both arms.  Sometimes “interactive” toys don’t necessarily work properly- but as you can see in this video, which I had to do when the kids were alseep (because I can’t get a minute alone with Elmo to let him do his thing to show you all!!) down in the basement…but you can see just how much he interacts with the drums, the tambourine and the microphone that come along in the box with Let’s Rock! Elmo.

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Gazillion Bubble Rocket

What kid doesn’t LOVE bubbles?  I still do (although as the adult having to blow eleventy million bubbles for a toddler, I get dizzy fast…) and adding bubbles with a rocket powered by stomping on an air bladder makes for a very, very fun toy in the form of the Gazillion Bubble Rocket!

Funrise Toys recently redesigned this rocket and in my opinion, they did an amazing job.  All three four of my kids (counting my husband) adore this toy- my 2 year old tries very hard to jump and stomp to get the rocket to move, but doesn’t mind- and LOVES to chase the bubbles.  My 4 year old is getting better at the stomping- but my 6 year old and my husband have stomping contests to see #1 who can get the rocket highest and #2 who can get the most bubbles to come out.  (This is recommended for ages 6 and up but honestly?  FUN for all ages!) [click to continue…]

Educational Insights 48 Piece Microscope Review/Giveaway

Micropro 48-piece Microscope Set 50x, 100x, 150x, 300x, and 600x magnifications With the GeoSafari MicroPro, young scientists can investigate everything from cells to crystals! Perfect for individual or classroom use, the glass eyepieces and power setting from 50x to 600x provide users with superior precision viewing.
The built-in light and rack and pinion focusing help deliver bright, clear images. The 48-piece kit has professionally prepared slides and everything users need to make their own specimen slides. Not a toy, but a scientific instrument, the GeoVision MicroPro includes high-quality components and features that make it appropriate for science learning at any age.
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$25 for $50 of Eco Friendly Magnetic Building Blocks

I’ve heard such great things about Tegu blocks and they are on Eversave today for just $25 for $50 worth!

When it comes to creativity, your child follows only one direction — his own. He would never color inside the lines, paint by numbers or follow the narrow instructions that come with his LEGO sets. Give your boundary-breaking builder a toy as multidimensional as he is: magnetic building blocks that stack up, down and all around from socially and environmentally responsible Tegu.

•Choose from several Tegu block sets in a variety of finishes and colors•Magnetic building blocks encourage imaginative, independent play•Winner of Dr. Toy Best Green Product, Parent’s Choice Silver Honor and more•Featured in Parenting, New York, Scholastic magazines and more•Honduras-based company improves the local economy, practices sustainability, and funds the education of disadvantaged students
Shipping starts at $5

Kids Summer Fun: Paper Jamz *new* Pro Series Mic (Giveaway)

Paper Jamz has new Pro Series Mics out and they are so much fun! I don’t know about you, but I *AM* a rockstar…at least when I’m driving in the car or in the shower.  Perfect tone, perfect tune, perfect pitch…so long as no one else is around.  That’s why I like the Pro Series Mic so much- it kind of makes me sound all kinds of awesome, and not just when no one  is around to hear me.  I can sound like a rock star with the touch of a button.  How fun is that?  My kids of course, have been rocking out like crazy, although not with clothing on so I haven’t gotten a good video (but I will share when I do!!).  I don’t know why they like to rock out and have dance parties in their underwear, but they do.

 Pro Series Microphones use real-time, cutting-edge technology called Perfect Pitch™ , which allows kids (and adults!) of all ages to sing with rockstar-quality vocals. Now you can so you can sing along effortlessly with your favorite band!

Unlike other Paper Jamz products that let users make music with a touch enabled-print, the Pro Microphone is a real mic, which comes included with a small 4×2 inch box to be worn on your belt. The box acts as both an amplifier and tuner, and uses pitch detection to transform the quality of your voice as you sing, with five different modes: Solo/Duet, Auto Harmony, Auto Vibrato, Chorus, and Auto. Once you’re done rocking out, simply connect the box to your computer and use the Paper Jamz to load the box with more of your favorite music from iTunes for continued play. Additionally, the Paper Jamz website has hundreds (soon to be thousands!) of songs to download, too! [click to continue…]

Q&A with “Lightning McQueen” & Mattel’s Cars 2 toys (Tokyo Spinout giveaway)

After 37 years on this earth, I am someone’s hero.  Why?  Because I met LIGHTNING MCQUEEN.  Well, really, I met Owen Wilson, when I had the chance to interview him during the Cars 2 press junket on June 18th with the other mom bloggers I headed to LA with.   But he IS Lightning McQueen. 

I asked my son, what did he want to know about Lightning McQueen?  “Um, does he like wearing red car clothes all day?”  That’s what’s weighing on the mind of my 3.5 year old son.   One of the other mom bloggers’ kids wanted to know the grossest thing Lightning McQueen had ever eaten- turns out, it was some food he was served in Australia on a morning show and it sounds like it was pretty much yeast and water.  Gross.  I don’t blame him!! [click to continue…]

Cars 2 Merchandise…

See this?  This is a photo one of the other bloggers took of the goodies we received upon checking in at our hotel in LA.  Toys.  Tattoos.  Stickers.  CDs. [click to continue…]

Kids Summer Fun: Moxie Girlz *be true! *be you! (Giveaway)

Moxie Girlz are opening up a whole new world to us.  We’re just starting to venture out of the preschool toy realm and into “BIG KID TOYS” which, to be quite honest, gives me a bit of anxiety.  Lots of toys for “bigger” kids kind of intimidate me, they just don’t always seem to share messages I want to reinforce with my children.  Moxie Girlz, however, DOES reinforce the messages I want to send to my children.

Why do I like Moxie Girlz? Their motto: “be true* be you!” just rocks.  I’d rather have fashion dolls that send positive messages to kids.  I think the dolls are cute and spunky.  The shoes are not a constant source of frustration, because they come totally off.  So do the feet.  You don’t change the shoes, you change the feet!! [click to continue…]