The difference between women & men shopping for furniture (infographic)

I had to share this infographic with you- I keep thinking about how much I love our furniture in our living room but I can’t stand the layout and I really, really want to get a small sectional with a big upholstered ottoman…but suggesting we go furniture shopping makes my husband look at me as if I had 4 heads sprouting at once. That said, I give you this cute infographic!

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  • Yup.. we do have to remember that we complement eachother. Oftentimes I will say, “arghhh you are such a man” and he will say, “why do you act so much like a woman.” But good thing we do cause its a great balance. As much as I wish he would think like me, I don’t think I would really like it.

  • I have to admit this probably sums up me and my boyfriend, just replace football for computer games :)

  • QueenB you described my husband! He doesn’t care what I buy as long is it’s not “girlie colors” as he puts it and that I don’t blow up the credit card!

    Have a great weekend!

  • It’s nice to see that outdated and probably never correct in the first place gender sterotypes have lived on into the age of infographics.

    • LOL Megan! I view most of them as humorous. My husband is quite the opposite for shopping for anything but furniture.

  • My husband has a certain taste and knows what he wants.


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