Tyson commits to providing nutritionally balanced school meals

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Next year is going to be the year of changes for many, including my son- he’ll be going to school all day, and having lunch at school for the first time.  As many parents are, I am concerned that the meals and options offered to school children in cafeterias are more healthy than not.  My son is the pickiest of my three children when it comes to eating.  I worry most about him.  My oldest actually prefers to bring her lunches with her to school most days, but I have a feeling my son will want to buy his lunch, at least in the beginning of the year.  When I heard that Tyson has committed to provide nutritionally balanced school meals, and asked if I would share about this commitment with my readers, I was quick to agree to do so.  Through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by the First Lady and signed by President Obama, USDA is making the first major changes in school meals in 15 years, which will help us raise a healthier generation of children. I’m so glad there are changes being made to fuel at school!


When I think about what is healthy vs. what most school districts can afford to purchase for serving, I know that there is often a discord between what should be done and what can be done- due to budget issues.  I’m very grateful that there are steps being taken by brands like Tyson to use whole grains and lower sodium to improve the nutritious value of foods but also keeping them at an affordable level.  Having an all organic cafeteria with all fresh, healthy options would be the ideal but we don’t live in “ideal,” we live in the USA in 2013.  There simply isn’t money to only serve fresh and organic meals in schools.  So, like so many families, schools have to do the best they can with what they have.  Period.

We already know that kids need fuel to get through the morning (and afternoon).  When their bodies aren’t focused on being hungry, kids are better set to learn and be successful in school.

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  • Tyson’s healthy school cafeteria food choices include the following:

    • Whole grain nuggets

    • Pepperoni crispito

    • Whole grain hamburger

    • Lighter better nugget

    • Hot’n’spicy grilled breast filet

    • Chicken pepperoni

I can’t be happy enough that there have been some changes to reform school lunches to be healthier.  I hope that parents can learn from this and mimic the standards in homes across the country as well, offering lots of fruits and veggies, lower fat milk options and whole grains.

What do you think about the new school lunch reforms?  

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  • Wow, that’s fabulous! I love Tyson’s food and I’m glad to see that healthier options are being made available to students.

  • my daughter loves Tyson products and its great to hear that they are commiting to providing nutritionally balanced shcool meals!

  • I think healthier choices in schools is definitely a move in the right direction! I remember eating some really nasty “food” when I was in high school. Yuck!

  • I love Tyson’s gluten-free nuggets. I’d be thrilled to see them offer more gluten-free options in schools, too.

  • That’s interesting, I hadn’t yet heard about these reforms. I know this is an issue in schools. You know I’ve never had a school lunch? I was homeschooled, so I was still eating at home while I was at school, lol. :)

  • I love this. Our schools have started to improve our menus and they seem to be getting better and healthier every year.

  • I think their new options still have plenty of kid appeal and are a step in the right direction. Applause, Tyson!

  • Oh wow, these sound like both interesting and tasty options! We homeschool, but I can guarantee that my son would be very excited with those new choices!

  • Tyson is one of the very food prepared foods that we actually keep in our house. They seem to have really great quality, and I think it’s fantastic they are striving to balance meals at schools. I know when I was in school they sure weren’t balanced.

  • I think that’s a great idea! There’s so much junk available to kids and not much healthy foods to choose from. The Grilled breast fillet sounds yummy! Well all the choices actually do!

  • I always sent my son to school with a lunch because I didn’t trust the options they had and you can get away with a bag of chips and chocolate milk rather than eating the healthier options. I am glad to see the change is sweeping through and my soon to be kindergartner’s school will take note.

  • I am happy that the President is doing something to help get changes made in the school’s lunch program. My boys hate the school lunch right now and are always complaining about how bad the food is.

  • I’m so happy that they are helping to make school lunches healthier. You know, when ketchup was considered a vegetable, that really bummed me out. I’m so happy that people are taking nutritious food more seriously.

  • School lunches need to be healthier! I know many students & teachers in Northwest Arkansas lose weight when they stop eating the lunches at their schools. So happy to hear Tyson is part of positive change in fuel for schools.

  • I’m glad to hear that Tyson is helping to make healthier lunches, this is great and very much needed.

  • I like the options of having salads in school now. I know lots of kids who enjoy them. Congrats to Tyson for helping make school lunches healthier.

  • the whole grain buns are a great idea.


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