A Batman bed and room for a little boy…

What do you do when you have a girlie-green dollhouse bunkbed that a 4 year old boy is about to inherit?  When you are one of the Bargains family, you think, think, and think some more, get a little crazy, and come up with the idea to make the dollhouse bunkbed into the Batcave.   Our son is wild for superheroes, and really wanted a “bad guy” room (he calls superheroes “bad guys” for some reason- always has.  The bad ones are “really” bad I guess??)  A Batman bed and room it was for our little guy!

It took a bit of paint, a LOT of hours of designing (because the rocks had to look just “so” and some creative thinking (it isn’t easy to put a secret door panel into a bed, although totally doable) and when you add elements like:

Batman drawer pulls….

“Metropolis” (Valspar)colored paint on an already-made bookshelf…

An Etsy ordered lampshade, a lightswitch cover from Ebay & memory board made to match the super-cool Pottery Barn Kids Batman sheets…

batman lampbatman sheets

boys batman room

well…sometimes you end up with a Batman themed room that you think (hope, pray?) your son can love and enjoy and grow up with for many years…

batman bed(Note the toy that inspired this all…the Imaginext Batcave!)

batman bed for boys

What do you think?  Enough Batman for a little guy, but enough non-Batman to make mom happy?  I think its a great compromise and while he’ll probably outgrow the bed in a few years, the bedding, decor and paint colors will last for many years.

Not bad from this design orignally!! dollhouse bunkbed

I am desperately seeking some window treatments though, any suggestions please feel free to share!!

(PS- If you look closely under the “cubby” towards the left under the loft part of the bed, you’ll see a small rectangular panel for the door- and next to it the outline of where the secret door is.  Mr. Bargains is pretty amazing, don’t you think?)

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  • Cute ways to transform them. Great job!

  • My son is 4 years old and all he wants for his birthday is this very batcave bed! We were looking on line for ideas when we came across your batcave bed, now nothing else will do. He tells all his family about the bed. Any chance of getting the plans? You could make some good money selling them. Please I would pay for them!!

  • I would really like to know your design for this I would like to do something like this for my son! He absolutely LOVES batman, he is just crazy about it. My budget is low so I figure a do-it-yourself project would be awesome to do and probably cheaper than to request one being built.

    • Jessica-

      My husband looked around at plans online (they were priced around $95) and figured out measurements and stuff from there. I should make him write them up!!

  • THis is exactly what I am looking for. A friend of mine made a similar loft bed for her daughter. She is so crafty that I wish I had some of those skills. My almost 5 year old son also calls super hero’s bad guys. Hmmm it must be a boy thing.
    So my guess is from your starting paragraph this was originally a girls loft bed that you transitioned a boys bed. My question is what kind of material or is it the kind of paint that was the tricky part of the rocks/castle?
    Did you put the bed together in the garage and then move it into the room. I guess I’m asking if it’s possible to move it into pieces after you put it together?
    What are the measurements from side to side, height? and from front to back? just wondering if my son’s room is large enough.
    A simple bed online sells for over $1000 you could easily make and sell these no problem. I’m so super impressed that this is a unique one of a kind loft bed. So hard to find things for boys
    My email is r_eford@pacbell.net if you can offer any kind of advice, or I’ll just keep checking back here for a new post from you 🙂
    thanks again

    • Esther- I’m so sorry I spaced on replying. I’m sure you’ve long since chosen a bed. But We did assemble in the room- our stairs wouldn’t allow for more. Nor the doorways

      the “rocks” are an MDF facade we did a paint “treatment” with…grocery bags. we literally mixed wall and bed paint and then some with black and some white and just layered. it was kind of fun.

      i have to ask my husband what the measurements are. our kids’ rooms are 11×11 and this even with the landing/stairs on the side allows for the door to swing freely open (which is at the end of the bed) with a few inches to spare.

  • Now that- is amazing!

  • Hey!!! I want a Batman Cave Bedroom!

    Oh. (insert: blushing) Forgot myself for a moment.

    Kudos, Mom! You are a rockstar!
    Must Stumble this.

  • Wow, you did a pretty amazing job! I think the room and bed looks great.

  • nice job on this room! Do you have the plans for the bed somewhere?

  • This really is quite amazing! Your hubby is genius! I am so curious to know how you got the paint to look that way for the rocks? It’s really such a cool room while at the same time not overpowering!

    • few shades of paint and…..

      grocery bags.

  • I am glad you showed us pictures. I wanted to see the finished design. It looks great.

  • for window treatments, could you buy an extra set of sheets & cut them down & sew them up or use the pillowcases?

  • LOVE it! You guys did a great job!!

  • This is AMAZING!! I Love it!

  • We just redid my 12 year old daughters room and will be doing my 3 year old sons and my 4 and 6 year old sons rooms next. They would love something like this. I LOVE the bed!!!

  • that is cool, my son would love to have that room

  • This looks awesome! What a great job!

  • Super Cute! Super Creative! But why are the stairs and bookshelf still purple?

    • Mere- In the Imaginext Batcave, there are purple elevators and stuff- so my husband wanted to keep it true to the toy – more “cartoon” ish, I guess :o)

  • Wow, that is actually super cool. My son would love to sleep in the Bat Cave. Great Idea!!

  • That is SUPER AWESOME! Mr Bargains is very talented!


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