A forbidden topic: MENOPAUSE

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Femestra for Natural Menopause Relief for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh yes, I did just put that nasty word into capital letters.  Menopause.  If you are a woman, you’ll be going through it, are going through it, or have already gone through it.  My mom went through it young.  When I started having fertility issues, my ob was very concerned that I was going into early menopause.  I almost fell over when he said that. I was 30.  But it happens.  It can happen. 

Menopause is something I look forward to- with dread and apprehension.  I have friends who’ve gone through it, who have begun showing some early signs, and some who are on the “other side” already.  Its almost like its a rite of passage as women that no one talks about.  Kind of the way we never used to discuss our menstrual symptoms.  But why? 

Just because it isn’t pleasant shouldn’t mean we should just suffer in silence- maybe your sister or neighbor down the road have had symptoms just like yours- but without chatting- you’d never know.  And they might have tried something that can offer you relief from the hot flashes, the mood swings, whatever other symptoms that pop up.  Most women have symptoms just like you or I do, did or will.  I won’t lie- I’m kind of freaked out by the whole thing, but I also know that I have people I can talk to openly about it and will have support.  It will surprise no one to know I do not plan to have hot flashes alone.  My friends can suffer along with me…but in all seriousness, I’ll be actively looking for anything natural and homeopathic, be it supplemental or dietary, that I can do to help make the entire process go as smoothly and “cool” as possible.

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  • Honestly... I'm ready! I'm 43... let's get this started so it can get over with already!! I'm all 'eye of the tiger' ready!!!!
  • My mom is going through menopause right now and I am going to forward her this information. I am sure she'll be happy to read this. Thanks for sharing!
  • I'm 45. So not looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing!
  • It's a phase we'll all go through so might as well be positive about it! xoxoxo

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