“A to Z With You and Me” Review and Giveaway 4/29

Until recently I haven’t allowed my 2 year old to watch much TV. But, now that he is watching a little bit, I am amazed by how much he learns and picks up from shows like Sesame Street. When I was given the opportunity to review A to Z With You and Me, a personalized video dvd for toddlers, I was curious to see what he thought. Needless to say, he LOVED it. From the intro music, straight through the alphabet and personalized pictures, he was engaged. The process was really quite easy. I sent in 26 pictures, each one representing a letter of the alphabet (B for baby, D for Daddy, etc…). For me, the easiest way to do this was through my picture sharing site. I keep my monthly pictures updated on one of these sites. I was easily able to pick and choose the pictures I wanted, transfer them to a new folder and renamed them with the correct letter of the alphabet. My site allows me to share a link for my folder. I simply emailed them the link and they were able to upload all the pictures for the DVD. Simple! If you get stuck on a letter, like x or z, the A to Z website has a handy section of suggestions. My DVD arrived extremely quickly in a secure cardboard box. Their are two DVD’s included in the set. The first DVD is personalized and includes “My Picture Perfect ABC’s”, “Sing Along”, “Spell My Name” and “Picture Perfect Montage”. The second DVD includes 5 letter and sound games, including a sign language section. We immediately watched the video, and both of my children were enthralled. I was interested to see that my 5 year old also loved this DVD, even though he has learned his alphabet already. He was even a little jealous, and wanted one of his own! The quality of the graphics and sound on the DVD is great. My kids loved the peppy upbeat music, but really loved the personalized pictures. My 2 year old was amazed to see himself on TV! The DVD starts out with the alphabet song, which is repeated twice. This is followed by a letter by letter rundown of the alphabet with personalized pictures, and audio, repeating the letter and the word. The letters are also present on the screen in capital and lower case form. I found that my 2 year old remained engaged throughout the entire DVD and even repeated the letters and words. The DVD does a great job of repeating the alphabet, and running through the photos several times, including a montage at the end. I think repetition is crucial to the learning process and this dvd is able to pull it off without becoming mundane. The second DVD includes the letter and sound games and is about 37 minutes long. My 5 year old loves the games, particularly the sign language section at the end. My 2 year old would watch a section then walk away and come back again. I found that the games were very creative and a great tool for beginning readers. One very lucky reader will win their own Personalized A to Z With You and Me DVD! Mandatory Entry: Tell me who you would give this DVD to if you won. Extra Entries: 1. Follow A to Z with You and Me on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment telling me you did. 2. Follow me on GFC, Facebook, Twitter or RSS/Email Subscription (+1 each) 3. Share this giveaway on any social networking site including this link:http://wp.me/p1qA6G-11W (leave URL of your post please!! hint: right click the time stamp!!) 2x/day at least 1 hour apart 4. Leave a comment on any non giveaway post +1/post up to 5 comments 5. Tweet this giveaway: #win a personalized DVD @AtoZYouandMe [email protected] @jendpt http://wp.me/p1qA6G-11W can be done 2x day at least 1hour apart) This giveaway will end on April 29, 2011 at midnight, EST. US only. Winner to be chosen randomly. Winner has 48 hours to respond to my email or a new winner will be chosen. I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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