Adventures in Potty Training

We’re potty training Baby B, whether I want to or not (I do not)….she’s ready, she’s asking…she’s going.

Well, when she wants to.

We thought maybe she’d like m&ms or something, when she goes on the potty instead of telling us as she goes.

She, like her brother and sister, didn’t really care much about the candy.  All three of them have been kind of “meh” about candy when they use the potty.

So I asked her today, what would she like for a treat when she pees on the potty.

Bacon. Bacon. BACON!! My bacon!! Me!! Bacon!! YAY BACON!

Yep.  That’s my baby.  Will pee for bacon.

Please tell me my children are not the only ones who are so silly!!

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  • That is truly hilarious! Now, I on the other hand sort of WANT to potty train A. early. But he is having none of it. When I ask if he's doing stinkies, he just looks at me blankly, but sure enough, 5 minutes later - he's loaded! Then he starts laughing and going "stinky!" So clearly, he's okay with pooping right in his pants for now. :) Sigh. But Baby B - truly hilarious. I would definitely pee for bacon. In fact, when DID we stop getting great rewards for the simple things in life like going to the bathroom! LOL!
  • LOL that is HILARIOUS. No MM's for you? :)
  • Go with what works! LOL
  • At least yours will use the potty. I tried to bribe mine with mini m&ms. That got us no where but her addicted to chocolate and now she won't sit on the potty at all.
  • Hilarious! M & M's worked at first-now he wants to watch Dinosaur Train while using the potty!
  • I am ROFLMBO! How funny and CUTE! Reminds me of the dog treat commercial... BACOOOOOOOOOOON!

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