Amex Blue Cash (Winner) #BlueCashMeIfYouCan

So remember, when I first posted about the Amex Blue Cash, and how I estimated I’d save about $21 a month/ $250 a year in groceries alone?  Well, that was pre-December.  This was a very, very expensive month for the Bargains family- not the holiday shopping (that was 99% done before Thanksgiving) but we had some unexpected costs incurred :

*Parts to repair our boiler

*Gas costs to haul 11 trailers full of wood chips out of here (Artillery Fungus.  You don’t want to know what it is, and if you do know, you know what a nightmare it can be).

*Purchase and delivery of 8 tons of gravel to replace the mulch

*Broken television due to power surges (even on the surge protector) which fried the HDMI cable

*Tubing and a few other parts to repair front loading washing machine, plus extra $ spent to heat more water because when the washer broke, a load was stuck in there for 3 days (iew, iew iew!)

*Our 14.5 year old kitty fell very ill out of the blue and while we rushed her to the vet, there wasn’t anything that could be done

*Before I knew of all the surprises December had in store for us, I’d finally taken my mom’s wedding band out of her jewelry box after 2.5 years of not being able to deal with the emotions, and brought it to my jeweler to be melted into a band that would fit me (she had super tiny fingers and I do not) and I could weld onto my engagement ring.

All of this was in addition to the normal holiday “groceries” which always cost a bit more, and extra gas monies from travelling to see friends and family we don’t always see.  All of this added up quickly, as I’m sure you can imagine.  Doing a quick calculation, had we used a Blue Cash card, we’d be getting about $47.00 back from December.  While not a huge amount, that’s almost a tank of gas, almost half an electric bill…not just “pennies” back- and it’s money we had to spend (we put everything possible onto our credit card  and pay it off in full each month) anyway, especially the surprise costs.

I think we’ll be taking a bit of time to contemplate the Blue Cash and Blue Cash Preferred programs when we’re looking at our finances next- I think these programs have some great benefits for consumers!

Speaking of Amex Blue Cash, I wonder how winner Rachel S will be spending her $300 Amex Gift Card????????? CONGRATS Rachel!!  I am fairly certain we’ll be working with Amex again in 2012 so hopefully we can bring more of you some cash giveaways!!


Happy New Year! Happy Saving!

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