>Belli Skincare Review

>Not long ago I agreed to review the Belli Skincare line.  (Which, again, I’m going to throw the disclosure out once again that I’m NOT PREGNANT.  Just think its a great product my readers might like to hear about!!)

Belli was developed by a medical doctor for his wife when she was pregnant.  There are 3 main lines of Belli products- Belli Pregnancy, Belli Motherhood, and Belli Baby.

Belli sent us their Stretchmark Minimizing Cream (pictured on the right) and my friend who has been testing it for me said its “fantastic.”  She loves it, and feels like she’s actually using something “chi chi fafa” and luxurious when she applies the cream, which is daily.  She’s quite fearful of stretch marks, and she has said to me that she feels using this cream is really going to help and continue to help her avoid them.  The bonus of feeling pampered only makes her happier.

We also received a 2 oz tube of the Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, which to my delight does NOT contain Triclosan and does NOT smell medicinal.  Its got a nice, light citrus-y scent.  I feel like I’ve been using this fancy spa stuff!!  I’m a big fan of products that can clean our hands on the go and don’t contain triclosan.

We also got a bottle of the All Day Moisture Body Lotion. Feels light going on, and soaks in quickly.  I like the smaller sized container, this is a great lotion for me to keep in my bag or in the glovebox of the van for the inevitable dry, chapped hands I get each and every wintertime.  Its very soothing.  I know when I was pregnant my belly would itch, and itch, and then itch some more and sometimes it felt like I’d never get relief.  I think this would have helped with that for sure, with the shea butter and chamomile ingredients.

The last item we recieved for review was the Protect Me Diaper Rash Cream.  Since we primarily use cloth, I haven’t been able to use much of this, but the past few days Baby B has had  a rash so she’s in gdiaper inserts- which means I CAN use the cream.  Its great.  Very happy with it.  Not too thin, and not too thick.  Also without a strong scent- I can’t stand when diaper creams have a strong scent.  It just seems weird. Its a nice size- not too large a tube, great for the diaper bag, or for a smaller diaper changing basket for your upstairs or downstairs.

Belli Skincare is available at several retail locations, if you don’t want to shop from the site directly.  All of their products are made with safe ingredients that will NOT harm your growing baby- whether your baby is growing inside or outside of you!

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I was provided with samples of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own.


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