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Bravado Designs has a great website. Not only do they sell nursing bras, nursing tanks, undies and washable breast pads, but they have tons of breastfeeding information and support. They even have a link to a FREE app that is a breastfeeding friendly locator. Where was this thing five years ago, when I would frequently find myself nursing in the restroom of some restaurant? I found that their site is very interactive. They have a newsletter and a fabulous section on breastfeeding info. There is a tab at the top of the home page. The information is extensive and covers all areas. I highly recommend that any first time mom who is thinking about nursing to review this site and its wealth of information on the topic. Ok, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the nursing bra. I’ve tried every nursing bra known to man. From the Target cheapie to the expensive name brands. I can tell you from experience that investing in a quality bra is the way to go. That bra will be put through the ringer ladies, and if you want it to last more than a few months you’ll need a great quality bra. Even though I always wash mine on gentle and line dry them, they always seem to quickly lose their elastic, especially in the shoulder straps. Don’t you just despise it when those straps start falling off your shoulders? Bravado makes an excellent quality product, with secure straps and closures. The nursing clasp is easy to release and attach. Another bonus, this bra just keeps getting more and more comfortable the more I wash it, without losing it’s shape or integrity. I know this bra will be used and abused, pulled on, stretched out, snapped. A toddler with grabby hands can be murder on a nursing bra. However, I’m confident the Bravado bra will last the long haul. I tried out the Bliss Nursing Bra. It has tons of great features like seamless molded foam cups (great for hiding breast pads), flexi fit support channels (an underwire effect without having an underwire) and full access (nursing clips open to allow the newborn full access to nursing and skin to skin contact). I also love the shape of this bra. Sometime I find that nursing bras are cut so generously that they are constantly peeking out from your clothes. Even in a modest v neck shirt. Not a good look! Bravado is cut nicely and has a nice shape. The bra itself if beautiful and comfortable for all day wear. It is made out of a satiny fabric that feels great against the skin. It can also be worn throughout pregnancy and into post partum due to the gentle stretch features in the cups that allow for growth and changing shape. Included with this bra is a FREE bra extender, which allows you to customize your fit during maternity and nursing. Bravado designs makes it really easy to choose the right bra for you. You can shop by cup size, stage (of pregnancy or nursing) and by occasion. There is also a very useful bra sizing guide. Did you know that 75% of women wear the wrong size bra? I know that I was. Wow, what a difference in fit, comfort and look once I found out the right

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