Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on BluRay/DVD

Chuck’s whole world is threatened when his fiancée Sarah Walker is poisoned by Vivian Volkoff in the 24-episode fourth season of Chuck. In this episode Chuck scrambles to find the only antidote to the lethal “Norseman” device. After a failed antidote Chuck must go to Volkoff industries where Alexei had developed a stronger antidote. The season ends with Hartly and Vivian reunited, Chuck and Sarah happily married, and Morgan as a possible new intersect?

In the fourth season finale, Sarah has been shot by the “Norseman” device and only has twelve hours left to live. Chuck turns his back on the CIA and despite all warnings sprints throughout the episode to find Volkoff and the antidote. Have you ever been in a situation that despite all odds and warnings you decided to make a run for it? How did it end up working out? 

I haven’t ever been in a situation remotely close to the one Chuck was in, but I’m sure if it was for love of family, I would not hesitate to “make a run for it” especially if it meant the difference between life and death! Thankfully I haven’t been faced with anything even close to what Chuck faced.  But that’s whats such a draw to this show- the dilemmas and going against the rules to fight the good fight, you know?  Because really, we WANT Chuck to find the antidote. Not quickly or easily, but either right when the season finale wraps up or at the start of the new season.  That’s what keeps us coming back, and wanting more from our show, our characters, our storylines!

In season four, the geek gone spy is putting everything on the line, available for pre-order here:

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