Confessions of the Nutrisystem Kind #NSNation

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 Perhaps you’ve wondered, why isn’t QueenB updating us on her Nutrisystem progress?  Perhaps you haven’t.  The fact of the matter is, I haven’t had any progress in just over a month.  I’ve already told you all I’m an emotional eater (are there really people who aren’t?  I’d like to know the secrets) and while I have been aware of things, I’ve also had some personal things going on and got derailed.  When I derail, as I’ve said before, I kind of tend to REALLY derail.  I mean if you are going to screw up, screw up big, right?  (I kid, I kid.  I haven’t been that bad).  Things kind of got rough a week or two before the anniversary of my mom’s death, a (distant) family member sent me a very nasty email attacking me ( for many things that I had nothing to do with, that happened before I was even born!), but combined with a few other things, I spiralled downward, fast. 

My Nutrisystem rep and constant cheerleader and supporter Meredith was very quick to reassure me that I could continue on, and I did get back on track, although then Irene hit CT and we lost power and I lost all of my frozen foods, which meant I had to kind of improvise.  I’m working on getting back on track yet again, this week.  I WILL get back on track, but man.  I would really like for myself to STOP derailing and get focused already. 

The bad news?  I gained about 8 pounds back.  The good news?  I only gained about 8 pounds back.  I’m not happy with it but at least I’m working hard to undo the damage and get back on track, right?  I want this. I need this.  I’m DOING this.

I also did 4 whole pushups last night.  Me.  Jello-armed me.  I did them.  Maybe I’ll do 4 more tomorrow night.  I’m fairly certain my arms would shatter if I tried to do it again tonight and aren’t we supposed to let our muscles rest?

I’m also going to start a 5k program when the kids go back to school.  Logistics aren’t working in favor of that this week, but come Tuesday, after the big kids are dropped off at 8:30 am, Baby B and I will be jammin’ to the tunes and starting program.  Those of you who live locally, my apologies for the lovely vision that I will be….but you will need to find a way to deal.  Because I will be out there, and I will be out there again and again and again until I figure out a way to stop hating exercise and tolerating it (I’d like to LOVE exercise but, this is me, and that’s probably not anytime soon.  So we’ll shoot for tolerating).

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  • Way to go Brett! The 5k program may seem like it's going to kill you, but when it tells you to do a long run you will be pleasantly surprised that YOU CAN DO IT! Looking back now I remember grunting and pleading with Kaytlin to let me stop at 20 seconds in. Now I'm running almost an hour.... very slowly, but I'm doing it. I'M PROUD OF YOU GIRL!
  • You will get back to where you were very quickly with nutrisystem! It's great that you are willing to get back on it even after you hit a rough spot. Keep it up!
  • I'm an emotional eater to. It's a hard habit to break!
  • not sure where to put this but i'm following you and LOL&C sent me! donaldlight84(at)yahoo(dot)com

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