>Crayola Underseas Adventure Stories Game

>We have had snowstorms, ice, freezing rain- and illness, one after the other for the past month.  Add in the chaos that the holidays bring (for good or bad it is chaotic!!) and the  kids have felt out of whack and I have too.  One thing that has helped make things go easier on me and more fun for the kids when we simply cannot be outside for whatever reason is the Crayola Underseas Adventure Stories Game from ScreenLife Games.

This is an interactive DVD game- which is something quite new to us, but the kids LOVED instantly, and keeps them happily coloring together for an hour at a pop.  Do you know how many times I’ve been able to cook dinner without breaking up fights and stuff because of this game?  I lost count!! 

The DVD narrates the instructions to the kids, from telling them which page to find in their coloring book, to telling a story about different friends who live under the sea, to instructing kids to find matches or color certain things. One thing that I like is that the activities are randomized so no two game plays are a like no matter how often you use the DVD.  My kids love coloring and think this game is just great.  Both my 3 and 5 year old have requested it many times and enjoy doing all of the activities.  I really like that this isn’t geared at all towards boys, nor is it geared toward girls.  It’s quite neutral and just a lot of fun. 

What comes in the box: Activity DVD, 3 Coloring books, 3 8-pack Crayola crayons. 
Who can play: Recommended for ages 3+
How many can play: 1-3 players can play, although I think you could squeeze a few more in with some spare crayons and the printables!!
This may not be a game we take out every day, or all the time- but its one that’s an instant hit and has saved many sick days, ice days, snow days and otherwise hectic days around my house, and for that, we’ll be keeping it and enjoying it for a long time!!
For those of you who have this game already, you can download printable coloring pages to add on to your game pack here.   You can order this game on Screenlife‘s website.
I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own

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  • >I really love this idea. A dvd interactive game... how cool. I agree it is perfect for Snow Days and the schools here have had a lot of them this month. JustCoupons(at)Triad.rr.com

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