Decoration Ideas for a Busy Family

Family life can be hectic, there’s no doubt about it. Nowadays, everyone is on the go. When it comes to decorating your house you can’t just select what might be the most aesthetically pleasing, you also need options that will make your life easier. Here are a few decoration ideas to consider from our friends at

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Decorate for Functionality

One of the best ways to make life easier is to add things that make your room look nice while serving a function. Select the room you and your family exit through every day on your way to work or school. Coat racks can look classy and prevent kids from having to rush back to their room for their jacket. If you have the wall space for it, also consider shelving with hooks. This will allow you to keep your coats and other important items you take with you when you leave the house near the door. There won’t be any scrambling around looking for necessities if each is in its place. Bulletin boards have an old-school appeal about them, and are a fun convenient way of leaving your family important reminders if you find yourselves coming and going at different times.

Decorate for Organization

Storage is always needed, but you can find options that also improve the look of your room. For instance, storage ottomans are becoming quite popular. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s easy to find one that fits your space and compliments your decor.

Don’t just purchase plastic bins you’ll stuff into your garage, as there are plenty of decorative boxes to choose from. And baskets with lids can suit just about any living space without looking out of place while they keep important items from getting lost. Either label them or make a mental note of what you’ll keep in each basket. These elements will help you avoid clutter, which is key to any environment looking nice.

Open Spaces

Cramped quarters don’t look good and aren’t functional. The last thing you need is to struggle as you navigate around your own house. If you have a limited area to work with, corner desks and bookcases always look nice, and they take up less room than other options. Being in the corner of the room also guarantees they won’t be in your way. And speaking of keeping things out of the way, consider high traffic areas before rearranging your furniture. Leave a clear pathway to other rooms, and don’t place your couch across from your kitchen doorway. Consider hanging shelves above your furniture as they can provide a clean look without taking up any additional floor space. If you have a piece of furniture that’s higher than your window, don’t place it in front of it. Not only do you not want to block the light, but curtains will hang awkwardly, and the area won’t look right. You don’t have to pick form over function, you can have both with just a bit of planning.

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