Digital Scrapbooking- love it or hate it, I think it’s here to stay

Digital scrapbooking has become a booming industry. Sometimes I marvel at how much we do digitally now that just a few short years ago, wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s head. I remember when scrapbooking really started to take off and I was amazed there were entire stores dedicated solely to scrapbooking!! I do adore scrapbooking, but with my three young kids it isn’t easy to find the time, because with limited space in this house…I have no dedicated crafting area, so I cannot leave anything out and have to clean up as I go- which isn’t bad but it takes a long time to set up and put things all back and means less time for crafting for me.

Digital scrapbooking seems to be getting more and more popular. There seem to be endless designs, techniques, layering, editing, cropping and sharing methods and more- which can be awesome until you start looking for a place to start and aren’t sure what direction to go in. I’ve tried a few programs and was invited to attend a party in someone’s home for digital scrapbooking, although wasn’t able to attend- I’d love to see what that is about!

I have done some things digitally in terms of scrapbooking, but there’s still something to be said about the fun of cutting, pasting, manipulating, doing add-ons and stickers, journaling, all by hand. I wonder if technology is too good and takes away the more personal aspect- but then I remember, life is busy and hectic for most people right now, and the age of digital everything is upon us! The digital scrapbookers are getting far more accomplished with their scrapbooks than I am, and that says something about the longevity of digital scrapbooking. Plus, you can always print the pages, make a book, a project, a craft, a gift- once you make a regular scrapbook, its pretty to look at and enjoy, but its kind of a one purpose project.

Like I said in the title- love it or hate it, digital scrapbooking is here to stay- so will you embrace it or reject it? Clearly there are benefits to both methods. I’m going to stay here on the fence and decide later which scrapbooking route I’ll head in (Can you guess??)  Either way, you’ll want to be sure you are ready to scrap when you make your decision (or maybe you’ll decide a little of both works for you!!) – lots of photos, water to keep yourself hydrated, maybe some fun music on the radio…and the urge to epress yourself creatively!

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  • Digital scrapbooking is a good thing for some people, but I personally don't care for it. I prefer to do my scrapbooks my hand, with my own writing and embellishments.
  • I prefer the handmade quality of real scrapbooking but the digital version is a more realistic option for many people.
  • I've never done digital scrapbooking. I do it all by hand!
  • I did not know there was such a thing as digital scapbooking before I read your article. I don't think I would care for this. I love having a book that I can flip through the pages and reminisce. Looking at my pictures on some screen is just not the same.
    • Thats how I feel- but I can see the draw for people who don't have time to do it. its like books- I love the pages, the smell, the feel. E readers are great but not the same.

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