Dollie and Me matching dresses at Totsy!

My 6 year old is full on obsessed with matching her beloved “Holly” doll, and I’m so glad there’s brands like Dollie & Me for her to match to her heart’s content at such an affordable price.  Now that my 2 year old understands “matching” although she calls it “same, SAME!” I need to watch those pennies even more to maximize savings and minimize spending without sacrificing the cute.  One thing I love about this brand is that they have so many options, and for the price of a special occasion dress I’d be buying anyway, my girls have a dress their doll can wear at the same time .   I may have loved a dress so much during their last promo on Totsy that I got it for my goddaughter, my 6 year old and her BFF’s birthday!!  :o)  Really nice quality dresses, clothes and accessories that don’t kill the pocketbook. This is perfect timing for the holidays!!

Here’s a hot deal at Totsy! Get a Sweet Heart Rose Dollie and Me dress set for just $22.50!

All the dresses are gorgeous dresses – perfect for the holidays! And at $22.50, are a GREAT value! Plus you get the matching dress for an 18″ doll also! (I happen to have 4 neices that would go ga-ga over this sale! I only wish I could afford $22.50 x 4. LOL!)

They also have a couple track suit outfits with matching ones for the dolls. As well as bathrobes and pajama sets for $16.75 (also with matching ones for the dolls!)

This sale at Totsy is only going on for two more days and once a style/item is gone, it’s gone!

Totsy is members-only but it’s free to sign up and you get FREE shipping if you are new to Totsy!
Thanks Saving Toward A Better Life!

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