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>A while ago, ecostoreUSA contacted me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their products.  Of course I did, because I love finding new products that are not toxic and are safe to use. This is a company that actually started in New Zealand, and I won’t get into the whole story, but you can check it out here.  I love reading stuff like this but maybe everyone else doesn’t, so I’ll include the link and you can decide for yourself!!

I got to select which 2 products I wanted to review and I chose the 
Oxygen Whitener

I chose the Oxygen Whitener because with little kids around, there are times that bleach is needed.  Its funny, because I used to feel like my house was not clean unless I could smell bleach from about oh, a mile away?   Those days are long, long gone.  Now I will do just about anything to have no cleaner smell in my house, but only natural stuff.  I’ve not posted this review yet because I wanted to get a really good sense of how well this stuff works.  Over the summer my husband has smashed up a concrete (hideous) walkway, and redone the area underneath and replaced with a beautiful paver walkway…all in clothing that had to be bleached.  Had to.  The week he did it was over 90 degrees each day, poor guy.  (Good thing we have a pool!)  But the stuff he wore was unbelievably filthy.  Just dirty and grimy.  A soak cycle in the washer, with the oxygen whitener, and an afternoon on the clothesline in the sun, and his socks were WHITE again.  Not dingy white, but white like you just bought them white!!  Impressive!!

My husband decided over the past several weekends to put this stuff to the test some more, because one of my brothers gave us a huge playhouse/playset structure his kids have outgrown and we had to modify it to work in our yard.  This is the end result- but the before, during and after made for more dirty, grimy clothing…and yes, the last load is on the line now waiting for Mr. Sun to work the rest of his magic, but you honestly cannot tell that my husband laid in mulch and moved dirt, and shingles and wood and whatever else he’s had to do to make this a reality!!

With the digging and the moving and the building of things, my husband, the kids and myself have had some very dirty clothes the past several weeks.  None are ruined.  NONE!!  If you are in the market for a plant-based, safe for baby bleach product, I think the Oxygen Whitener from ecostore is for you!! Just look at the ingredients list:


Carbonates (simple mineral salts)

Sodium percarbonate (oxygen producing whitener)
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
Citrates (from citrus) 

Highly biodegradable surfactant
Natural citrus oil

Awesome.  Love it.  I even used some of it on some of our diaper inserts that we had some build up on…worked like a charm!!  

The other product I chose for review is the Auto Dish Powder.  The reason I chose this is because, unlike most things, I simply have not been able to (yet) find a plant based product for our dishwasher that cleans effectively.  We do use vinegar as a rinse agent but for cleaning?  I’ve been let down with each product I’ve tried.  The EcoStore Auto Dish Powder is, so far, one of the best plant-based dishwasher powders I’ve tried.

This will tell you that I like this brand: two of my 3 kids had a stomach bug last week.  Gross, I know.  But we don’t mess around when we have a sick kid, because we try to do what we can to prevent the others from getting sick- and ourselves!!  So trusting what we run in the dishwasher to get germs off of our dishes is key.  And the Auto Dish Powder is what I used daily last week to get all of the kids’ dishes, cups, bathtub toys and any other plastic toys I could run through the dishwasher lean with.  Definitely something we’ll continue to use!!  

Something I like about the Auto Dishwash Powder is that you only need a tiny bit.  (Although to be honest, with MOST cleaners and cleaning products you really only need about 1/3 of what they recommend, but if you use more, you have to buy more often.  But I digress…) We’ve been using this for over a month and when I say using, I mean at least 1x a day, and last week, sometimes 2x a day!!  We still have half of it left!!  
I have to share with you the ingredients list for the dish powder:
Palm and coconut based non-ionic surfactants

Silicates and carbonates including sodium meta silicate (simple mineral salts)

Citrates and natural citrus oil
Cellulose (plant based)
Fatty acid derivative
That’s it.  The whole list.  Kind of fantastic, isn’t it?  Fantastic in the sense that there are products you can purchase for your family that are safe to use and won’t harm your family- or the earth- and are affordable!!  Plus, they work!!  
All ecostore USA products are super-concentrated- which means less packaging and less waste!! 
ecostore USA guarantees its products:
• are plant- and/or mineral-based and free of nasty chemicals (No nasty chemicals™)
• use safer ingredients from renewable resources
• are formulated with your health in mind
• are safely super-concentrated
• meet the highest environmental standards
• have not been tested on animals
• are GE free (free of genetically-engineered products)
• are packaged in recyclable packaging
Where to find ecostore USA
ecostore USA can be found online at www.ecostoreusa.com AND in exclusively in all 185 Meijer supercenters in five states. (I wish I had Meijer near me!)

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I was provided with samples of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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