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We got to check out the Play-Doh Creations Squish ‘n Stamp Scenes.  I’d not even seen the Play-Doh Creations line before this.  
In the box are a set of 5 Play-Doh crayons, 5 Play-Doh colors and 3 laminated activity mats with 5 stampers.

Basically, each activity mat has an incomplete drawing that your child can complete with crayons, play-doh or both.

My 5 year old getting her own play-doh out.

My not yet 3 year old stamping an octopus (the stampers are so fun!) 

Hard at work making leaf prints with a stamper!

See the leaves?  Cool, don’t you think? We do!
There are many reasons that I love Play-Doh.  (And I am slowly learning to let the kids leave the colors mixed up.  Baby steps.)  One of the biggest reasons I love play-doh is that it is so good for kids to use for so many reasons- fine motor skills, social skills, creativity, personal expression- the list goes on.  Plus, its just plain fun. It also keeps my kids really busy and occupied when I have work to do or need to get dinner cooked!  
Play-Doh Creations can be found on the Hasbro ToyShop site (or will be found, they are out of stock as I type this).  If you have a child who loves Play-Doh, I am sure they will love this too!  I do want to note that the box recommends ages 4+ but my almost 3 year old has used this with no trouble multiple times with his sister helping and without (and with and without my help too!).  
I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own. 

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