Family History- Photographs are so telling…

A few weeks ago, my Aunt Dianne sent me a few photos I’d accidentally sent her way that were from my mom’s side of the family.  One of those photos included this amazing calendar page, on my great-grandfather’s 5th birthday.  The date on the page is June 17, 1913.  That page is almost 100 years old!  I never knew I’d love to know more about how things were when he was a boy, and how everyday life was.  My mom was very private about her family stories, and her father passed away when she was just 17.  Her paternal grandfather, who is the boy in the images on this page, died I don’t know when.  I keep trying to find more information but haven’t yet!

I am so curious about my family history.  Many questions will forever be unanswered for many reasons- which saddens me sometimes.  We didn’t know to ask until it was too late.  Now we’ll never know.  Unless we keep finding gems like this.  I’m so grateful for sites like 1940 Census that may be able to help me to find SOME of the answers to the questions I have…


What do you know of your family history? A little? A lot?  Do you want to know more? I have friends on Facebook who have 4 generations of wedding photos of brides in their gowns.  I envy those images.  Those preserved memories.  I’ve never seen my mom’s wedding gown, nor my grandmothers’.  I’d love to find more about our family genealogy.


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