Fellowes Powershred 63CB

Any last minute Christmas shoppers out there???? I personally shop for my husband last. Is it just me, or are men impossible to buy for???? I have a great gift idea for any man (or woman) in your life. A paper shredder. That’s right, a paper shredder! My guy was SO excited to try out his new Powershred 64CB. You would have thought he just won a trip to Disney World! This great little unit is manufactured by Fellowes, a leader in quality office products. Ok, I’ll admit that he MAY have been excited because I told him that I would take over all responsibility for the bills if he got everything organized and filed. We have 7 years of paperwork and bills that need to be organized and shredded. That’s a LOT of paper! This paper shredder has taken what seemed to be an impossible chore and really simplified the process.

Fellowes 63cb Shredder

We have been really pleased with how this power shredder performs. You can feed 10 papers into the shredder at one time and we have had no problems with

jamming. The basket does get filled quickly, but we just keep a large garbage bag nearby to empty the basket into frequently. Once we are all caught up and are shredding documents on a regular basis, I don’t anticipate the capacity to be a problem. You can shred for 8 minutes before a 20 minute cool down is initiated. This

has not been a problem for us. In an 8 minute period of time, and feeding 10 papers into the shredder at once, we can shred a LOT of papers! The safety features on the unit are great as well. The machine will stop shredding if hands touch the opening. This certainly give me peace of mind with little ones in the house.

Fellowes 63cb Shredder #Smartgiftsforguys

Product Features

  • Jam Blocker blocks jams before they start
  • Patented Safe Sense Technology stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening
  • Energy Savings System provides optimal energy efficiency 100% of the time – in use and out of use Shreds for up to 8 minutes before a 20 minute cool down period is needed
  • Features a 5 gallon pull-out bin and is 18.13-Inch x 15.19-Inch x 10.88-Inch

I highly recommend owning a shredder, and the Powershred 63cb is a great one for personal home use. It is compact in size, fairly quiet and does a nice efficient job of shredding documents. There is no worry about throwing away documents with important information on them and I can keep all of my files need and organized without all sorts of extra, useless paperwork in the way. The 63Cb is available at www.Amazon.com (actually on sale for $124.99 12/12/12), www.OfficeDepot.com and www.OfficeMax.com for a suggested retail price of $149.99 I have a Board on Pinterest I started with some ideas for the guys in our lives- feel free to add suggestions! I received product from Fellowes, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in this program. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.”

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • I love shredder it puts my mind more at ease when throwing stuff away.
  • I try to plan it out but it doesn't always work out that way lol. We usually try to keep a budget so much for kids then our parents, etc.
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  • i dont shop alot because of health i am unable to stand for more than 10 minutes at a time so i just go get gift certificates alot of the time
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  • I am a planner and try to stick to a strict budget.
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  • I have been buying holiday gifts since October. I am a planner...but I am not done.
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  • I try to plan but it never seems to work out that well
  • I do have a budget but I never really know what I am going to buy
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  • I'm usually a planner, but this year....it isn't pretty. I'm at a loss about what to get my in-laws
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  • I am the exact opposite of a planner and budgeter. I'll go to Target the Saturday before Christmas, and I'll buy whatever I can find. Who knows how much it'll come up to. Not much, hopefully!
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  • Typically I shop ahead of time and don't 'need' a budget because I get great deals but this year I am last minute scrambling!
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  • I usually start planning around mid November what I am going to get everyone on my list. I don't really have a strict budget, but I do like to keep all the kid's gifts in the same price range so no one gets jealous
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  • I'm not a planner in regards to holiday gifts. I look around for something that catches my eye. I never usually have a budget unless I need to.
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  • I am not a planner at all which always blows the budget! i am too spontaneous.
  • Also commented on How Do You Keep Finances Organized Wow - I'm very proud of your honesty and hard work! Doesn't it feel good to feel like you are more in control of your money and life?! <3 Well, it's been a lonnng day and I'm starting to get tired and having a hard time keeping my entries straight, so thank you again and Have a Merry Christmas :)
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  • Thank you for such a sweet & generous giveaway!!! With my limited budget, I HAVE to be a planner ;D Hugs & Happy Holidays to All~
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  • I do try to plan - what to get for people - where to shop for those things - I have a basic budget in mind for each person, but often go at least a bit over.
  • i have a budget and shop for basics early for sales, but for most big gifts have to wait til last minute, cause list is always changing [email protected]
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  • I do plan and use a budget. We have cut down our Christmas shopping a lot because money is tight. We now mostly buy for just the kids because my husband comes from a family of 10 and it is just impossible to buy for everyone.
  • I'm a planner and have a very strict budget. When the budget is gone, that's it no more shopping.
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  • We are hopeless and don't keep a great budget. By the time we pay our regular bills there is not a lot left. So, we use credit and then catch up with tax return, etc. It is not good planning at all and just asked hubby to go to a financial planner. Shopping is not a lot of fun because of the worry. We should create a savings account, even small one would help.
  • I'm usually a planner because I have a very tight budget but I didn't do a good job of planning this year.
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  • I have a budget, but I flex it a little bit.
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  • usually i plan way in advance, but just too much going on this year!
  • I plan, but I usually go a little over budget.
  • I try to always keep all my tax information in one place. And try to start early. Not wait until the last minute and take my time.
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  • I try to plan, and I shop online a lot, looking for the best deal, always free shipping.
  • I am a planner with a budget, but often will work around sales and specials to get the most bang for my buck! I love to save $$ and find great deals.