Fish Tanks

Let’s face it, fish are not pets in the way that dogs, cats, birds, or hamsters are. For one thing, you actually can’t pet a fish. At the same time, there’s something both uniquely fascinating and relaxing about fish aquariums — and kids are even more captivated than grown-ups.

There are some great deals out there in aquariums but what I really love is that there’s no room in the house where one won’t work. Fish are obviously quiet and the sound of the filter can be extremely relaxing, if we hear it at all, so the living room or the den is fine and so is the kids’ room or even the kitchen. Why stop there, though? Apparently bathrooms are becoming the new “in” place for fish aquariums and some clever folks are even coming up with toilet-based models. You’re skeptical? Well, seeing is believing.

The next question, of course, is what kind of fish are you going to get? Plain old goldfish and carp or exotic tropical fish are one option. If you really want to change things up, you can even include such personable amphibians as small turtles or frogs, though they obviously require a bit more upkeep — and the kids may get a lot sadder if Mr. Turtle has to be buried at sea than if one of several identical gold fish pass on.
On the other hand, we’ve known at least one kid who got terribly upset when his favorite guppy — how do you even have a favorite guppy? — gave up the ghost. Here’s a rule: keep the residents of fish aquariums healthy or pay the price in sad children.

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