I found the cutest PEEPS ever.

Around here, PEEPS® are serious business. Some of us like them fresh out of the package, some of us are more inclined to enjoy our PEEPS a little stale, so we slit the package and wait a few days. I won’t say who’s right, but I love me some stale PEEPS.  YUM.  Anyway, the one sad thing about these adorable little treats is that they seem to only appear around holidays.

Which is sad.

Because PEEPS = YUM.


Although I just found out that yet another thing in my life is shrinking- for good reason- and that we can enjoy our PEEPS anytime we want to! Yes! There are new Peeps Minis and are changing the Peeps world as we know it.


Every Day Is A Holiday!™

Now you can enjoy Peeps Candy every day of the year, say hello to PEEPS® MINIS™! No more waiting for you favorite holidays, with Peeps Minis you can turn every day into its own holiday.


Meet The New PEEPS® MINIS™

PEEPS® MINIS™ may be small, but they…

Are packed with delicious new flavors : Sour Watermelon and Strawberry Crème
Are the perfect size for snacking
Come in a resealable bag (so you can get them nice and stale)
Have only 140 Calories per serving


To help you turn every day into a holiday, PEEPS® MINIS™ is giving away 50 Walmart gift cards every month this summer! To get started, head to the PEEPS MINI page, create your own Every Day Is A Holiday™ eCard, and share the card for a chance to win!


What are your favorite PEEPS?



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  • I like that you used them as an edible cake topper! Super cute idea- sure to be a kid pleaser!
  • That pie is adorable. I didn't realize that Peeps were only available around the holidays. Just had never noticed! My daughters would love the watermelon flavor!
  • The watermelon peeps!!! Oh my gosh, I need to find those!
  • Can I just say these are too cute. Also, I love peeps in the microwave!
  • Whoa, when did the new peeps come out?!? YUM! I'll take them any way - fresh or stale!
  • My kids LOVE Peeps, I have not seen the minis yet. Must check them out for the kiddos!

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