Frozen Inspired Olaf Upcycled K-Cup Craft

If you are like me and you have a little Frozen lover in your house (and also a Keurig) then you are definitely going to want to put together this fun Olaf craft.  I always look at those little cups after I am done knocking back a few (coffees that is) and think what a waste to just toss them out! So while playing around trying to figure out what I  could make out of them I thought- hmm snowman… but being the mom to a Frozen obsessed daughter I didn’t think just any snowman, it had to be dear sweet Olaf- Who likes warm hugs! 2 empty k cups, a hot glue gun and a few art supplies and you can have your own upcycled Olaf craft. If you have a craft stash you likely wont even need to leave the house to put this guy together-an awesome and free craft!olaf


Olaf  Character From Upcycled K Cups

Supplies Needed:

Empty, clean k cups

black pipe cleaner

orange pipe cleaner

black craft foam

white craft foam

googly eyes

2 small twigs from the yard

2 small white pompoms

sharpie marker

Glue gun/glue sticks

Screw/screwdriver/ utility knife


olaf supplies




Poke a small hole in the bottom of one of your  cups.

olaf hole poke

On the same cup poke holes near the opening of the  cup for arms, make them large enough for your twigs to fit in snugly.

Cut a 2″ piece of black chenille stem (pipe cleaner) and also a 1/2″ piece, poke them through the hole in the bottom of the cup for Olaf’s hair. Add a bit of hot glue around it to secure.

Poke twigs through holes in side, again secure arms to cup with hot glue.

Cut a 1″ piece of orange chenille stem and bend it into a carrot shape, hot glue onto center of cup for a nose.

Cut black craft foam into an almost pocket shape that stretches out on the side, then cut out his white teeth- use hot glue to secure both.

Use your sharpie to draw on buttons, and eyebrows.

olaf features

Hot glue the two cups together to form head and body.

Glue on two white pompoms for Olaf’s feet.

Allow glue to set and sharpie to dry, your Olaf is now ready for fun!

Olaf Nutter Butter Cookies Frozen Movie

Can’t get enough Olaf? Make some Olaf Cookies




About the author: I am a Work at home homeschooling mom of two- a fierce 4 year old princess who keeps me hopping, and my sweet, laid back, first born- a little boy who is 7. Underfoot are also two little Dachshunds, a Sun Conure, and my hard working hubby too. When i am not dodging Legos on the floor or playing princess tea party I am crafting, cooking , gardening, or junkin’. I get through these crazy days of life fueled by countless cups of coffee and a whole lotta’ Jesus.

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