Gratitude and Thankfulness with Kids During the Holidays

christmas treeThe holidays are here.  Wish lists, Santa visits, holiday cards, packaging, presents, elves…anticipation- there’s a lot about the holiday season that doesn’t always make you think of gratitude or thankfulness.  Especially when there are children involved.  It’s not always easy to keep overtired, overstimulated little ones the importance of being grateful and thankful and showing gratitude, but it’s worth every bit of effort.

With all of the excitement and anticipation of the holidays, many folks often get run down and over tired this time of year.  That can lead to runny noses, colds…and more.  Why not show a little bit of gratitude by sending someone you care about a Kleenex Cares Care Package this year?  It’s a very simple way to show your little ones a way to make a gesture for someone else.   Showing someone you care doesn’t have to be a big gesture. It doesn’t have to be a costly gesture, either.

Some other gestures that may help children to learn more and understand more about gratitude and thankfulness that I have:

Drawing a picture for someone.  Think of the smile on someone’s face when they open a paper and see your child’s drawing with “I’m glad you are my friend/teacher/neighbor” on it.

Baking.  Most of us do some baking at the holidays- why not put together a few of those baked goods on a plate with a festive bow on top and let your child bring them to a neighbor, just because?

Music.  This one may not be a great fit for all kids, but if you have a child who loves music, I’m sure there are family members or friends and family who’d love to have some holiday songs sung to them or played for them.  You can do this on Skype if loved ones are far away.

Playing.  Spending time together.  Simply being with someone and spending time with them is a wonderful way to say “Hey, I’m glad there’s you!”

Gifting. I have a friend and she has started to let her children gift “something” to their friends for the holidays.  It might be a slip of paper or a print of a photograph- it can’t cost them money but it can give smiles, she says.  What a cool thing to have our kids do- to take a photograph of a happy memory and share it with a friend or loved one to remind them how special that memory is to them.

kleenex care kit
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