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I’ve never had a lot of hair come off my head.  Or rather, I never did , until about 4 months post-partum with kid #1.

That’s when things got ugly.

I had no idea I was shedding hair like crazy. I mean, I’ve never had particularly long hair so it just wasn’t on my radar? But my husband noticed, and was getting really annoyed with me.  At one point, in our sleep-deprived zombie state, he asked me if I was clogging the drain with my hair on purpose.

After a full five minutes of the stink eye and sharing some feelings about what he’d said, I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. So he explained.  We both were baffled.

So, naturally, I did what anyone would do. I asked my friends on a message board.

And found out the saddest of the sad news, that hair loss post partum is normal and can last for up to a year.

They weren’t kidding.  Holy MOLY. With my oldest, I lost hair in what seemed like huge fistfuls daily through her first year (It wasn’t, because I’m dramatic and exaggerate but it really SEEMED like oodles, swear).

And it lasted longer for my second post partum year…and still longer for my third post partum year.

I’m not really sure how I have any hair LEFT on my head at this point.

And yea, I know, GROSS! Iew! IwWW!! I totally agree.

But when we shower, hairs fall off our heads.  I think it’s inevitable.  I guess longer hairs just don’t go down the drain as quickly so they are seen more? Not sure. (Please note, I’ve been waffling about adding photos of hair clogs and just couldn’t do it, not to myself or to you. You are welcome).

Hairs in drains=not a good thing.  Hairs in drains=clogs in drains.

Clogged drains=plumbing issues.

That’s where you need some help…..and now Liquid-Plumr has a formula JUST for getting rid of hair clogs in your drains. I’m sure others see a need for this, but I do have to wonder if my husband may have called them. In my defense, I do clean my hairs out of the tub after my showers (and baths) but some of it doesn’t get caught, and plus we have kids with hair now, so there’s 5 of us shedding hairs daily.

This whole conversation is so gross. I totally know it is. But the majority of humans who have taken a shower have shed some hairs at some point and the reality is that sometimes human stuff is gross. But there’s help.  For all of us. Hair clogs be damned, your reign of terror is over!! *ShakingFists*


liquid-plumr hair clog

Basically, cleaning product giant Liquid-Plumr has come up with a new way to tackle those hairs that seem to never stop clogging your drains: the Hair Clog Eliminator. It saves you from the dirty work, and their ad is spot on!



This post has been sponsored by Liquid-Plumr, but concerns my own opinion

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  • My husband has a stash of Liquid Plumr saved away thanks to this Mama's hair shedding all over the place! ;) Works wonders!
  • Just for hair! My hubby tells me all the time I need something special to get my hair out of our shower. Gotta look at this
  • I've never heard of the hair loss post partem! I have long, thick hair, and I feel your clogged drain pain. So gross!
  • Wow never knew they had a product for this! Thanks for the review!
  • Oooh. I love my hair & I really don't like to shed that much hair. Anyway, I think this is an inevitable thing to happen as we grow and age. Thanks for endorsing the product to us. I am sure that all long haired woman out there can relate how difficult it is when hair clogs the drain.
  • The City Just Came I Swear & Had To Suck Out Our Tank We Have Had On Going Problems I'll Have To Try!
  • Oh wow do we need this! I'm embarrassed to say that my hair is always clogging the drain. Yuck!
  • I hesitate to even want to know how much hair is clogging up our daughter's bathtub drain. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's gross...
  • Ugh. This is SUCH A problem in our house and I'm almost 100% to blame for it! I'll definitely be looking for this product!
  • I lose so much hair, seriously so much. I keep wondering how I have any left at all. I'm forever clogging drains and picking it out of everything that sits on the floor. It's bad.
  • I should pick some of this up. I'm 3 months PP and I swear my hairs are all jumping ship already!
  • HAHA. We just used this last week. My shower wasn't draining at all. It was like a bath/shower at once, lol. It worked amazingly and now the shower drains SO fast like it is brand new!
  • God bless it, Liquid Plumbr didn't stand a CHANCE against my 5 month post partum loss. I had to buy the kind that has the little drain digger included with it. Ripped of the drain cap and everything. IT WAS. AWFUL. Let's all just keep taking prenatals and be beautiful forever.
  • You know what's sad? There are FOUR females in this house. Three of those four have long hair. And yet it's my husband who clogs the drain up half the time. It's too gross to even talk about any more than that...

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