Have you ever had “one of those days” with your cell phone?

US Cellular logoMy friend Julie and I were discussing the funny things we do with our cell phone.  You know, like the time she was talking to her coworker on the phone and sort of maybe rear-ended him in the process?  Things like that.

How the time when I was helping my not-really-ready-to-potty-train 2 year old in the bathroom at the park and she saw my phone sticking out of my pocket and grabbed it…and oh yes… SPLASH!  (For the record, that phone was done for.  There was no attempt to resuscitate it.  I didn’t have it in me. Not after being in a public rest room toilet).

Or the time over the summer I kept trying to call my husband to tell him that a pr firm had emailed and wanted to put ME and a recipe of mine into a nationally published newspaper insert.  Only he heard about 1 in every 20 words.  My phone kept crackling.  Things he thought I said: The kids peed on the newspaper, and I took their picture!  I don’t have a recipe for dinner! Can you even believe it?

is cellular customer service gone

Right.  I’d totally be excited that the kids peed anywhere but where they are supposed to.  Never mind that I’d not take a photo of that happening anyway?!  Aside from my frustration at him not having a CLUE what I was going on and on about so excitedly, I was super annoyed that my phone kept crackling.  I wasn’t in a bad service area and normally had good service there, and I was trying to tell my husband.  To say I was pouty is an understatement.  My favorite part of it was when he knew I was excited, and was trying to respond enthusiastically to what he thought I was saying.  Can you imagine my poor husband?  “That’s great! I’m excited for you honey, and I bet that picture of the kids peeing on the newspaper came out great.  Maybe don’t text it to me though.  I’ll see it when I’m at home.”

Given my frustration and annoyance, I did call customer service, because that same week I had multiple issues with my service.  As frequently happened, the call left me frustrated and annoyed.  You know…how most of us feel when we hang up the phone.  “I’m sorry you are frustrated.” and that’s kind of the end of it.  Sigh. Sometimes I long for the olden days, when I started working at the mall, and customer service was required- if we didn’t offer it to customers, we were out a job.  It amazes me just how long it takes to get through all of the menus, to give your story to someone, and they realize hey! you need to talk to another department and hold on let me transfer you….and then guess what?! It’s time!! Time to give your entire story AGAIN.

Sometimes, I confess, I push the wrong buttons.  Just for fun.  Just to see what happens.  It’s never as satisfying as I want it to be, having the phone ring over to new customers when I’m fully aware and know darn well that I’m existing.  It’s my own little way of rebelling, I suppose.

Surely, I am not alone. Surely more of you have funny stories to share?


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  • Yes! I have horrible reception at my house! So my hubby hears every few words! It was real funny when he thought I was in labor and I wasn't lol
  • LOL! My FIL dropped his cell phone into a port-a-potty toilet once. >_< My daughter tossed my smart phone into the bath tub once, but fortunately it survived. Would have been a different story in the toilet. :-P
  • Well....since our lovely 3 year old son has recently thrown not one, but TWO phones in the toilet (as well as tens of WHOLE rolls of toilet paper and several toys), I can relate. :/ AND, my darn cell phone wouldn't get service for over an HOUR AND A HALF yesterday. Yeah, I was grumpy about that...just glad I didn't NEED it.
  • Haha your story is funnier! And poor you with the cell in the toilet! I would have cried!! Definitely customer service is lacking in the cell phone industry AND others!
  • I have definitely had the bad service day.

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