How much time do YOU spend in the car?

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I swear, we have had more car picnics lately than not.  Car picnics? Yes.  Eating lunch on the go, in the car.  We’ve had a million and five extra errands of late, in addition to dropping off and picking up at Pre-K, Tball practices, the grocery store, and park time.  We have a lot of birthday parties coming up so that means extra trips to get gifts, etc.  Sometimes I feel like we spend half our time in the car!!

Now, with my oldest finishing PreK next week- I think car time will be increasing instead of decreasing!! The splash pads are opening at the parks nearby, and the town lake will be open for swimming, we’re doing private swim lessons at a friends’ house for 2 weeks, camp, one to two day “staycations” and birthday parties.  The relaxing, lazy days of summer don’t seem to be occuring at the Bargain house this year!! 

One thing I do think would make my life easier would be a nice GPS system with  Especially when we go to a destination that is out of our current area  my comfort zone, having the GPS to guide me would make things a lot easier.  Especially if there is traffic, or worse, detours.  I live in fear of detours.  Especially if you are someplace like Boston, which is one of our destinations we may hit this summer- there are so many one way streets, having a detour would really be stressful for me. A GPS with me, all updated with the latest information from, would really be awesome. (Yet, I didn’t think of this until after my birthday and Mother’s Day passed?!)

When I shoot weddings with K.B., she has a GPS built into her car.  Its fantastic.  She’s told me that on several occasions she’s been saved by her GPS.  It seems silly to not have one, in this day and age- a technology that’s fairly affordable (without bells and whistles) and readily available.  Christmas wishlist, you are starting now!
And now, we’re off to get back into the car and run more errands.  Hopefully there’s not traffic or detours this morning. 

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  • >I definitely suggest a GPS - it is an amazing thing. I would suggest something simple. We got a garmin that was just under $100 and it is perfect for our simple family travels.
  • >My daily commute to the school is 3 hours round-trip. I feel like I live on the road! Fortunately/Unfortunately my trip is the same monotonous drive but I don't need a GPS to get me there. :-)Frugal Science Gal
  • >I love ours. Her name is Jill. :) I may have no idea of where I am, but I'm never lost. Plus, I can plug in a bunch of destinations all at once and have her figure out the most efficient way to tackle the errands. And when I hit traffic, all I have to do is hit "detour" and she'll get me heading a different way. Target has had some really great deals on the Garmin Nuvis of late; we bought my mom one for Christmas. And BJs has them, too.

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