I love my Toyotas- especially my Sienna!

toyota sienna

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Did you know that we are a Toyota family?  We are.  We actually have three Toyota vehicles right now.  I drive the Sienna minivan, and I won’t deny it- I LOVE my “swagger wagon” with much passion!!  My oldest has played tball and soccer for a few years now, so we’re a little bit accustomed to bringing her gear to her practices and games, but starting this spring we’ll have TWO kids playing sports and that means all of his equipment in addition to hers,plus our chairs, and stuff to keep the little one entertained during these games and practices.

I love how versatile this van is with the seating configurations and how spacious the cargo bay is.  We actually don’t even have the whole back seat up most of the time- I find with the three kids and their gear, it’s easiest for me and most convenient to have half of the rear seat folded down and then I have all the room in the world for sport bags, baseball bats, scooters, bikes, cleats, balls…camping chairs…anything goes.  I think I will cry if I have to ever get a van again that doesn’t have the “magic” doors that slide open and shut with the touch of a button…it just makes life so much easier!  

Were we given a magical gift from Toyota and allowed to choose a new vehicle, I’d choose a 2012 Sienna in the Sandy Beach Metallic color- with bells and whistles.  I just love the color!!

It isn’t just the Sienna we love- My husband generally drives our Camry to work, but on occasion takes the 4Runner places.  The Camry is our most “sporty” vehicle, although I admit, the 4Runner is the most fun todrive.  We like Toyotas because they are safe, reliable, and you can drive them forever, and probably a little bit longer.

I think we’re almost at the “forever” part of our 1997 Camry, sadly.  Mr. Bargains has spent many hours of late working on the Camry and we’ve started wondering aloud if perhaps it isn’t time to look into donating it and checking around for any toyota camry special offers– I know that when the time comes to replace the Camry, which, incidentally, was the first vehicle we “had” together as a couple…we’ll be shopping Toyota once again.

Do you have a favorite car brand?  Do you have a swagger wagon and love it like me?

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  • Our family purchased it's very first "together" car, a Toyota Matrix, and I could not be more thrilled with the car! It's slightly bigger than the Yaris, yet still economically priced, giving our 80 and 30lb dogs plenty of room in the hatchback area. The plastic panels gives me peace of mind for easy clean up with two small children. (The space between them is far enough they haven't hurt each other yet). We've even taken our Matrix on kayaking trips! We shopped around for months and eventually wound up at a dealership that showed us the excellent resale value and true third-party safety ratings of Toyota. I'll never go any other make! (Now if I could just convince the oilfield hubby to give up his Dodge gas guzzler).
  • My mom loves her Sienna too - and I have to admit when I have swapped cars and driven it, it's a smooth ride! :)
  • I have a 2002 Toyota Highlander. We had a Tacoma, but now have a Scion XB. We are a Toyota family, too!

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